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 GATEWAY 2 - Homeworld Walkthrough
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Welcome to the wonderful world of REAL adventure games! Icon-oridended
interface sucks, read adventurer must know what he doing! Do not read this
file compeletely, or your'll get no satisfaction from this game and his
brilliant story. If you have a problem, read about it, and continue yourself!

This solution is based on my game logs (you can turn them on by "SCRIPT"
command). I can miss a point somewhere, so do not await too much! I described
only really nesessary actions, you must look around for more fun and
enjoyment. Sometimes you must examine objects closely to answer "Why did he
done it?" question.

After completing GATEWAY1 (do YOU? I did), you are relaxing in your room.
Big bucks, happy life. You have some free time. Go to the Bedroom, take match
and fax. Read fax to get closer to the story.
At 8:10 you'll see incoming message. Read it. Wait. Another message will
appear. Really happy life, yeah? If your want to live, get out of here now!!!

Light control unit with match. To Hallway. Open door and get out. Do not
try to use elevator in Foyer.

In the Conference Room get all (radio, paper, mask, grenade). Put on mask
(bad guys like to use gas). Out. Remove cable. Get fork from robot. The only
exit is to the north. Wait until a train will come. Enter train. Wait until
trail arrives to the Mission Control. Out. Enter Mission Control. Search dead
specialist. Get badge. Read badge and write down spec code. Read paper you got
in the Conference Room and write down authentication code. Read console. Enter
spec code. Read records. You need to launch ship based on the T3 landing pad.
Do it using authentication code. Bad guys noticed this and decide to make a
really big hunt after you. You have 30 minutes before launch. Go back to tram
and drive to Launch Pad. Get out of tram and go to the pad. Bad news - fueling
system is broken. Read screen. Got it? Just to replace sensor - easy as a cake!
Get blue sensor (damaged one). Get another sensor (good one, for example, red).
Put red sensor on blue pipe. Pull lever. Now bad guys REALLY want to kill you.
Up. Remove pin from grenade. Wait until you see a tram travelling along the
track. Throw grenade to tram. Enter ship. Close hatch. Grenade will detonate
below - you are saved! Go to the flight deck. Sit. Wait for the start.

Get out from bridge. Open cabinet. Get all (bandage, hypo unit, autodoc,
vial). Press button. Go outside. Open door. Go to the cargo bay. Explore ship
in all directions except north. Go up to the Storage Room. Get bowl. Open box.
Get rod. Now you need to cure this woman. You can put a bandage and autodoc on
her (at least, you can read autodoc data to select best cure). Set green dial
to 5 (max injection level). Set blue dial to antitoxin. Turn switch. Put hypo
into woman. Set blue dial to antibiotic (you can get list of all drugs with
"READ DRUG" command). Put hypo into woman. After some time she'll be Ok. You
must have a green cube now. Ask Diana about something. Go to the Terminal Room.
Open panel. Put cube into matrix. Talk to all peoples. One of them will tell
you code for the locked door. Go to the closed door. Look at panel. Enter code.
Go inside. Read obelisk. Touch field with rod. Well, time to walk around some

Get ooze into bowl. Don'to worry about blob. North. Get plant. Back. Wait
until blob wraps around you. With blob around you, go north. Blob will eat hole
in these bushes. Go. Some lizards wants to eat you. Climb on tree. Get fruit.
Throw fruit to alien. Do it twice more. While you are unable to move, another
alien removes a rod from you. NW. Put ooze on tentacles. Get egg. W. Give egg
to lizard. Get rod. Back to portal. Touch field with rod. Read obelisk. Walk
along the corridor to another obelisk. Read obelisk. Touch field with rod.
Enter another world.

Out. Get skip. Get mud. Put on skin. NW. Get branch. Back to another way.
You look like these two, so they will allow you to pass. Enter cavern. Get
thong. North. Give rod to chief. Put vial in fire. Do you like to hunt? Attach
thong (and hypo unit) to spear. Set blue dial to sedative. Throw spear to
tiger. Back to cave. Light branch and go north until you'll see a portal. Touch
field with rod. Go in and read obelisk.
In the lab, take container. Go furter to the corridor. Read obelisk. Touch
field with rod. Enter new planet. Open container. North. Get goo. When some
insects fly inside container, put goo into container. Close container. Go back
to lab. Put container on platform. Read screen. Press upper button. Now you
must create harmless creature. I think here is a lot of solutions. I created a
creature without agressive or defencive part (fur, no tail, feelers around head
and it was Ok). Use one pair cursor keys to move around creature parts, another
pair to change them. If you think that you are done, press big red button. Look
at creatures to examine you result. If you are satisfied, get container and go
back to planet. Open container. All another creatures will mutate to harmless
form and you can pass north. Cure yourself with hypo unit (set blue dial to
antitoxin). North again, pass thru portal. Read obelisk.
Go out. Press button. Go to the opened door. Now you must examine all gun
parts carefuly to find a key. Turn key. Get gun. Shoot sensor. Shoot robot.
Go to computer room. Open all panels and remove all four green cores (AI
system). Not yet? Remove another cores one by one until you find Engeneering
section (it was blue for me). Remove another two blue cores. Again? Go to the
main terminal room (without robot you can pass thru central corridor) and
remove green cube. Well done! Now, back to main computer. Find hidden door to
the north and enter bridge. Look at console. Enter code you have found on
second obelisk (pre-historic Earth). Press Big Button and go!


Get all (compass and clamp). Wait. When alien arrives, follow him East,
North, East. Now you are in the alien village. Go SE to ice sculptures and
take all carvings. Wander around the village, take a look at all, give all
carvings to all aliens. After this, you must listen three (about ship, about
dust, about red crystals) and possess crystal cutter and crystal bowl (give
these carvings to artist to the south of sculptures).
Leave village and go north to the long line of cave entrances. Find one
with lot of shit before it (like in the story). Enter cave and go north, don't
worry about darkness and warnings. You'll see a cave with red crystals. Hit
fork (?). Strike Kord and get it. Go out and west, to the water with monster.
Throw Kord to monster. Wait for monter's death and go north to the end. Cut
rock. You can go furter into hole, but still can't enter resque station. Go
back to the dead monster. Get water into bowl. Go to the Glasier Entrance on
the west side of plains. Put water on ground and notice which direction will
it take. Go to this direction. Do it until you find a pit. Down. Look at ship
carving at write down code. Unlock hatch using this code. Open hatch. Get pod.
Open panel. Press blue button. Get corroded clamp. Put corroded clamp on
ground (it shall begin to hum). Put clean clamp on corroded clamp (it must not
hum this time). Get on clamp. Press red button. Go to the resque station. Put
pod into triangle.
On the resque station, go west. Take control module. Look at control
module. This robot have six buttons: four cursor key to move around, one
button to open/close doors and the last button to push something with his hand.
Using these keys, move robot to your room and open secret door. Enter secret
chamber. Touch handprint. Back. Look at screen and write down colors and
corresponding gauge values. Go to the Hangar. Hit fork. Look at robot control
unit and move him to the tunnels on the north of Hangar. Press "hand" button.
Enter ship. Move robot to the room with first machine (near Secret Chamber).
Press button corresponding to gauge value.


Look at screen. You need to read some lectures at 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM.
Open cabinet. Get pouch. Walk around the city. In the Garden, get dirt. Get
seed. If you have some free time, listen prophet's story and visit observatory.
Don't miss your lection! Go to the tram (west of your quarters). In the campus,
go south. Wait for lection. Return to home. You'll see a message about meeting
at 3:00 PM in theatre. Go back to the lecture hall. Open pouch. When guard
stops drinking, put powder into thermos. Now you guard is sleeping and you can
go to the theatre. Wait until 3:00. Heechee student will give you a card with
new course. Return back to city and go to your ship in the hangar. New course
will be added automatically. Fly to this point.
Go to temple. There are four disks and four altars. Turn disk. You must
point symbols to their althars: for example, wings must point to north (wind)
althar, and so on. When you'll succeeded, a secret door will be opened and
you will talk with another Heeche. Ask him about everything. He must give you
a card with course to the new planet, where first missing part can be found.
Return to your ship, new course will be added.
Fly to this planet. North. Put seed in ground. Get all (generator and shiny
object). Fly to main planet and go to sewers. Put generator on pit. Press
button. Walk thru frozen surface to the shaft. You must have free hangs to
climb, so drop anything you can't wear. Wear pod. Jump down. Get lens. Put lens
into pod. Return to the shaft and take dropped objects. To the Sewer. Press
button. Get generator. Fly to the administrative planet. Enter command center
(you must have a badge to do this). Look at console. Enter code of archealogic
site. Fly to the site and wait until probe arrives, crashes and will be stolen.
Return to the temple and talk to heechee.
Make another lection. If you talked in temple correctly, you'll say special
message for another heechee. Go to you room and read message. Agree to find guy
for new engines. Go to the temple and talk again.
Now is one of most shitty parts in this game. Datacapsule is hidden in
campus behind cool door with 25 buttons. This whole shit is called 'Aesthemis
Project' or something like this. You must go to telescope, look at stars and
remember image of Aesthemis star constellation. Star can easely fit 5x5 square,
so you must press buttons corresponding to stars positions.
Inside, take visor. Put on visor. Try to get device. During very long talk,
you must achieve two finds: this guy shall open locks on his datastore and tell
you code to desactivate safety device or something like this. Once you did
this, take datastore. Look at keypad and enter code. Wait until two beams make
a one straight line. Get prototype. Go to you room. Look at screen. Now go to
the temple and talk. Fly to the administrative planet. Go to passage with lens
and laser. (put on visor). Put on prototype. Turn on prototype. Now you can
pass thru laser beams. Wait until workthing arrives and opens first panel. Get
cable. Put cable on console. Wait until workthing opens second panel. Look at
console. You was ordered to type 'Solifluction', but nothing really happened!
Key to this riddle is Raphide's last speech: he said that Fogram never used
name 'Solifluction': he called him 'Traitor'! Look at console and type this.
Now you have a code. Go to datavault. Look at keypad and enter code. Put
datafan into port on your datastore. Press download. (put fan into chute).
Return to the temple.
Now you have escaped from Heechee planet and returned back to artifact.
Leave ship and go to central cargo bay. Talk to Diana. Now return back to ship,
but there will be another ship - from your first arrival! Open cabinet. Now you
have to go to the Dream Room. To pass along guard, put on prototype then turn
on prototype. Lie on couch. Say that you are Assassin and terrorist leader must
go to the bridge. Go to the terminal room. Put radio on safe. Back to the dream
room. Order leader to say something like "Make ship SAFE. OPEN sensors". Back
to the Terminal Room. Get all. Put cube into matrix. Enjoy.

I scored 1600 of 1600 points. Do you?

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