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 Fish Files - GameBoy Color Walkthrough
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You are Dante
Take the sheet (on the bed).
Take the ink from the desk.

Go to room nr 4, that's Fritz's.
Answer 1-1-1.
Use the ink on the mug on the shelf.
Take the mug.
Take the sauerkraut (next to the bowl).

Go to the WC.
Use the mug on the lavatory. (wash basin)
Go to room nr. 5 (Fabropoulos' room).
Use "action" (A-button) on the bottle.
Answer 2.

Go downstairs.

Go to the Gym.
Take the 2 balls.

Go to the kitchen.
Take the baster (next to the kooking unit).
Take the sugar (on the shelf).
Talk to the Chef.
Answer 1-1
Combine sugar mug.

Go outside
Use the mug (full of water and sugar) on the weirdo. (hanging at the pole).

Go to Beppo's.
Give him the bottle.
He gives you the Multi-use.
Take the adhesive.

Return to the weirdo.
Use the Multi-use on the sewer's lid.
Talk to Folder (in the sewer).
Answer 1.
You receive a film.

Return to Beppo's.
Give him the film.

Go to the fountain.
Use the mug on the water.

Return to Beppo's.
Use the mug on the dog's drinking bowl.

Return to the fountain.
Use the mug on the water again.

Return to Beppo's.
Use the mug on the dog's bowl again.
Use the baster on the dog's drool to get a Droolmon.

Go to the police-station.
Use the Droolmon on the little guy.
Answer 3.
You win the fight.
You receive a Mousemon.

Return to the fountain.
Take the lighter from the backpack.

Go to the chemistry-classroom.
Before you eneter, there's a fire-alarm.
Use the lighter at the fire alarm system.

Go into the chemistry classroom.
Press the A-button on the acids.
Use the combination 4-1-2.
You receive acid.

Go to Beppo's.
Give him the acid.
Give him the Mousemon too.

Return to the University's hall.
Use the adhesive on George's bucket.

Return to the fountain.
Use the mug on the water once again.
Combine mug sugar.
Use the mug on the rag in the university's hall.
Take the rag.
Steal George's breakfast.
Combine the multi-use sauerkraut.
Combiner milk sauerkraut. (=mush)
Combine mush multi-use. (= cream)

Go to the kitchen.
Give the cream to the Chef.

Go to the trailer.
Take the antenna (on the satellite disk).
Use the antenna on the garbage-can.
You receive wrapping.
Use the wrapping on the trailer's door.
Answer 1-2-2-3

Go to room nr. 5 (Fabropoulos').
Take his blanket off the bed.
Talk to Fabropoulos.
Answer 3.
You receive a tunic.
Combine tunic 2 balls.
Combine rag ink (= wig).
Combine tunic wig (=costume).
Give this costume to Fabropoulos.
Combine sheet blanket (= rope).

Go to room number 4 (Fritz')
Take Fritz' sheet.
Combine rope sheet.

Go to your room, number 3.
Use the rope on the window.

Climb down the rope.
You're now in the female dorm.
Take the kit on the bed.
Go to room number 1.
Take the bra (on the floor).

Climb back up on the rope.

Go to the trailer.
Give the bra to the hackers.
You receive a Gameboy and a videotape.

Go to Beppo's.
Give him the Gameboy.

Go to the fish-shop.
Talk to the owner.
Answer 1-1-2-3.
Steal the fish.
Talk to the owner again.

Go to Beppo's.
Give him the antenna.
You receive Topzilla.

Go to the universities kitchen.
Give the fish to the Chef.
You receive essence.
Combine essence Topzilla.

Go to Frau Kruger (guarding the female dorm).
Give her Topzilla.

Go into Frau Kruger's room.
Take the tracksuit.

Go to the gym.
Talk to the gym-instructor.
Answer 1-1-2-3.
You receive a key.

Go to the principal's office.
Use the key at the door.
You enter. Use the videotape on the video-recorder.

Go to Beppo's.
Talk to Beppo.
You receive pictures.

Go to the police-office.
Give the policeman the pictures.
Take a document out of the closet.

Go to Beppo's.
Talk to Beppo.

It's night now.

Go to Xavoc (a club at the left of Beppo's).
Talk to the doorman.
Answer 3.

Go to the hackers' trailer.
Talk to a hacker.
Answer 1.

Go to the library at the university.
Use the multi-use on a photo-album.
You receive pictures.

Go to the hackers.
Give these pictures to the hackers.
They return you the document.

Go to Xavoc.
Talk to the doorman again.
Answer 3.

Enter Xavoc.
Talk to the beer-drinking man.
Answser 1.

Return to the university.
Go to room number 4 (Fritz').
Talk to Fritz.
You receive a uniform, wich you automatically wear.

Go to the army, left to Xavoc.
Talk to the guy.

Enter the building.
Press the B-button when you're at the telephone.

Go to the telephone cell, next to the doorman at Xavoc.
Answer 4.

Return to the army's building.
Enter the laboratory.
Talk to the professor.
You receive a diskette.
Take the insect from the box at the left of the big fish.

Go back to the library at the university.
Use the insect at the safe.
Take the book from the safe.

Go to room number 5 (Fabropoulos').
Talk to Fabropoulos.
You receive tickets.

Go to Xavoc.
Give the tickets to Mary-Angel.
Go outside.
Go back in.
Move to the right screen (you see the bartender).
Take the balloon. It's flat.

Go to the chemistry classroom at the univ.
Use the balloon on the helium.

Go to Fabropoulos' room (nr. 5).
Give him the balloon.
You receive a multi-use food processor.

Go to the hacker's trailer.
Read the note on the door.

Go back to Beppo's.
Talk to him.
Give him the multi-use food processor.

You now enter the first parallel universe.
You are Fabropoulos, you're in the room that would be Dante's.
You only have the reading.
Take the curtain.

Go to the room that used to be the library.
Beppo's there.
Give him the reading.

Go to the room that used to be the gym.
Take the mask of the second shelf (it's the small circle dot with the two little green dots in it).

Go outside.
Talk to the soldier there.
You receive a knife.
Combine knife curtain (= tunic).

Return to the "gym".
Use the tunic on the boots.

Go to the kitchen.
Use the mask on the garbage next to the door.
You can take a bottle. Do it.

Go outside again.
Talk to the soldier.

Go to the soldier's left.
You enter the shooting range.
Go to the first test (move down).
Use the bottle on the wall.
You receive the blue flag.
Go to the second test (move left).
Use the B-button on the tires.

Go to the kitchen (Univ).
Go through the backdoor (exit).
Take the spring out of the matrass.

Return to the shooting range, second test.
Use the spring on the tires.
You receive the green flag.
Go to the third test (move up)
Use the bottle on the mud.
You receive slimy liquid in the bottle.

Go to the university (2nd floor).
Talk to the Colonel.
Use the bottle on the wheelchair's wheel.
The Colonel races off when you go back downstairs.

Go back to the third test at the shooting range.
You receive the red flag.

Go to the fountain.
Give the flags to the soldier there, in this order: blue-red-green.

Go to Beppo at the "library".
Talk to him.

Go to the "principal's office".
Talk to Gaid.

Take the bat next to the door.

Go to room 5 ("Fabropoulos'").
Take the suspenders on the cupboard.

Go to the "principal's office".
Press the A-button at the train.
You receive a starter.
Take the key (next to the helmet on the second shelf).

Go to the "Gym"
Take the flashlight.
Use the A-button on the EHBO-kit.
You receive pills.

Go outside, to the fountain.
Press the A-button on the girl's skirt.
You receive a (woolen) ball.

Go to the "hacker's trailer".
Knock Mark out with the bat.
Take the rope (at the flag).
Take Mark's pacifist pin (he wears it as a necklace).

Go to the "Fish-shop" (it's now a flower-shop).
Beppo's the florist.
Give him the letter.
Press the A-button at the sunflower.
You receive sunflower seeds.

Go to the fountain.
Use the sunflower seeds on the wooden mortar at the edge of the fountain.
You receive oil.

Go to "Beppo's".
Take a piece of wood from the door.

Go to the flower shop.
Use the wood on the big plant
Use the flashlight on the big plant.
You receive pliers.

Go to the "police-office".
Give the ball of wool to the cat.
Use the oil on the gate.
Take the jar.

Go to the university, room nr 5 ("Fabropoulos'").
Use the pliers on the biscuits (on the cupboard).
You receive a pretzel.
Combine pretzel jar (= trap).

Go to the trailer.
Use the trap on the ant's nest.
Combine trap pills.
You receive (anabolic) ants.

Go to the "police office".
Enter through the gate.
Combine rope pin.
Move left.
Use the rope on the chain.
Move right.
Use the A-button on the chain.
Move left.
Take the blender out of the box that just fell down.
Combine blender starter.
Combine blender suspenders.

Go to Beppo's flower shop.
Give him the blender.
Give him the (anabolic) ants.

You now enter the third parallel universe.
You are Dante once more.
You only have the letter.

Take the acetone.

Leave the room.
Talk to the guy dressed as a monk (=Folder).
Answer 1-2-3-2.
Talk to Folder again.
Answer 2-4-4.

Enter the door at the left of Folder.
Take the monocle from the table.
Press A-button in the wardrobe.
You automatically get costumed.

Leave that room.
Go to the WC.

Take the (toilet)paper (from the statue).
Take the cap at the mirror.

Go to the "chemistry class".
Take the drawing.

Go outside, to Beppo's.
Talk to the scope.
Show it the drawing.
Enter Beppo's.
Give Beppo the letter.
Take the lance.
Take the tool.
Take the pipe.

Go to the left of Beppo's, where "Xavoc" was.
Talk to the olympic sportsman.
Answer 2.
Use the lance on his cape.
Move to the left screen.
Take the record.
Leave to the left.
Combine record acetone.

When you enter the university, a woman screams.
Go to the female dorm.
You automatically kill the insect.
Take it (the insect).
Take mannequin.
Combine mannequin paper (= mummy).
Use the record on the manual phonograph.
Use the pipe on the manual phonograph.

Go to the right, to the hallway.
At the right, there's Frau Kruger's room.
Use the insect on Frau Kruger's door.

Go to the "library".
Combine cap tool.
Use the tool on the carpet.

Go down through the hatch.
Take the calculator (gadget).

Go back up, go outside, at the stairs in front of the univ.
Use the mummy on the stairs.

Go to the right of the stairs.
Combine monocle calculator (gadget).
Give the calculator to Beppo.

You're now back in the real world.
You have the multi-use, a pan and a projector.

Go to the principal's office.
Talk to the principal.
Answer anything.
Take the apron at the left of the desk.
Take the data sheet. It's on the desk.
Take the video (virtual aquarium).

Go to the gym.
Take the sleeping pills from the EHBO-kit.

Go to the chemistry class.
Take the test tubes.
Take the detergent.
Combine apron detergent.
Use the apron on the wash bassin.
Take the bicarbonat.
Combine bicarbonat test tubes (= 3x solution).

Go to the kitchen.
Give the apron to the Chef.
Take the mayonaise.
Take the cherry.
Use the mayonaise on the spaghetti.

Go to Beppo's.
Talk to Beppo.
You receive dye.
Combine dye mayonaise (= point).

Go to Xavoc.
Move to the right screen.
Use sherry on the bottle full of excellent liquor.
You receive liquor.

Go to the sewer.
Use the mlti-use on the sewer.

Go left - left - middle - right.
You are now at the lake.

Go to the left, to the boat.
Give the fisherman the liquor.
Take the horn.

Go to the left.
Use point on the door.
Move down.
Use multi-use on the lock.
Talk to the bull.
Use the horn on the bull.
Press the A-button on the bicycle's bell.

Enter through the door, and go left.

Go to the trailer.
Talk to the hackers.
Give them the video.
Give them the data sheet.

Return to the door.
Move to the left.

Go through the first door.
Take Palomo (the fish on the desk).

Go through the second door.
Combine pills multi-use (= powder).
Use powder on the ventilation system.
Pull the lever.
Move to the right screen.
Press the A-button at the computer.

Enter the door.
Use solution on the white balls (eggs?).
You receive pictures from the freed hackers.

Go through the third door.
You will talk to the shark.
Press the B-button on the big egg-shape.

Go outside, to the lake.
Use the pan on the stone.
Use the projector on the grass.

Return to the third door, go through it.
Talk to the shark.
You'll go outside. All your friend are there.
Talk to th ecamera guy (he's blonde).
Give him the pictures.
You receive a camera.

Take a picture of Frau Kruger (who's still guarding the female dorm).

Go to the hacker's trailer.
Give them the pictures.
You receive frauzilla.

Return to the lake.
Use frauzilla on the pan.

The end!

The Fish Files (c) Copyright 2001 for 7th Sense S.r.l. and Microïds.

If you found this walkthrough useful or complete bull, mail us:

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