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 Monkey Island 2 - Le Chuck's Revenge Walkthrough
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Complete Solution:
Setting Off
Begin by entering Tickwood, where you’ll get mugged by Largo. Go over to the
three pirates and get some money for the wood polish. Buy the polish from the
carpenter, return to the pirates and polish the wooden leg. You will be rewarded
every time you do this. Go to the swamp, look at the coffin then use it and row to
the shack (on the far right). Inside the shack examine the skull and pick up the
string. Speak to the Voodoo lady, ask about Largo, ask about items required, then
Return to Tickwood, taking the sign by the bridge in order to get the spade. Grab
the bucket near the pirates (keep asking) and head over to the bar. Click on one of
the three windows at the rear to enter the kitchen, grab the knife and leave using
the window. Now head for the hotel and use the knife on the rope holding the
alligator - when the innkeeper chases it, get the cheese squiggles from its feeding
bowl. Go into Largo’s room and grab the wig, then go to the cartographer’s ship,
speak with him and get the blank bit of paper.
Go to the bar and chat with the bartender about Largo. When he enters he spits on
the wall. After he leaves use the paper with the spit, head back to the swamp, use
the bucket on the swamp, fill the bucket with slime and walk to Largo’s room.
Close the door and use the bucket on it then hide behind the screen. Watch as
Largo is covered in crap, then follow him to the laundry ship. Speak with Largo
and then head back to his room. Close the door and get the claim ticket from
behind it.
Go to the laundry ship and give the ticket to Marty. Visit the graves and search for
the Marcus Largo tombstone (at the top of the hill), then use the shovel on the
grave. When you’ve finished go to the Voodoo lady and give her the wig, paper
with spit on it, Largo’s laundry and the ‘leftovers’ from the grave to get the
voodoo doll. Go to Largo’s room and use pins on the doll before he throws you
out. When Le Chuck’s living beard is taken from your possession go back to the
Voodoo lady and speak to her, then read the Big Whoop. Go to the beach and
take the stick found not far from the pathway. Walk to the laundry ship, where
you see the rat. Open the box from the side and use the stick on it, then use the
string on the stick and put the ol’ squiggles in the box.
Go to the other end of the string and pull it, trapping the rat. Open the box to get
the rat and head off for the kitchen. Let go of the rat in the pot, exit outside via the
main entrance and ask the bar dude for some soup. The discovery of the rat leads
to the chef being sacked, and you should get the job. Leave the kitchen through
the window and go back into the bar - you’ll be sacked, but you keep the money.
Now go to the cartographer’s ship. Wait until Wally takes off his monocle to rub
his eyes, then take the monocle. Go to the Peninsula and speak to Captain Dread,
hand over the monocle and charter the ship, selecting Booty Island as the
destination. Once aboard, pick up the parrot seed and go into the cabin. At Booty
Island, go into the antique shop and buy the ship’s horn and the old polished saw.
Get a leaflet from Captain Kate, go over to the spitting contest and up to the flags
marked as first, second and third.
Use the horn and when the spitmaster walks away, grab the flags. Go to the Jolly
Rasta and sail for Phatt Island. When you’re arrested and thrown into jail push the
mattress and pick up the stick, then use it on the leg bone of the skeleton in the
adjoining cell. Give the dog a bone, get the keys and open the door. On the shelf
are some envelopes - look at them, get them and open them, then go to the library.
Find ‘Great Shipwrecks’ (look under D), The ‘Joy of Hex’ (Look under R), and
another (any) in the catalogue. Now fill in your library card (enter your age as
After this go up to the tiny lighthouse and grab the lens, go to the alleyway nearest
the Jolly Rasta and look out for a gambler. Once he departs go after him to the
next alley, knock on the door and ask for the next number. He will hold his hand
up twice, note the first time he holds his fingers up, ignore the second. When he
asks how many fingers, repeat the first amount. Time for a spot of gambling -
after winning, request an invitation.
Keep going until three prizes have been won then it’s off to the Governor’s house.
To distract the guard tell him there is a fire in the kitchen, now quickly head
upstairs and use the book on the bed. After going back to Scabb Island, head for
the bar ship and ask for these two drinks, a ‘Blue Whale’ and a ‘Yellowbeard’s
Baby’. Use the Blue Whale and Yellowbeard’s Baby to create a green spit
thickener. Now use the banana from the envelope on the metronome. Grab the
Jojo and head for the laundry, go over to the sleeping pirate and saw his wooden
leg off. Walk to the woodsmith’s shop and get the hammer and nails. Head for
Booty Island then to Stan’s Prev. Owned Coffins, chat with him about them, then
ask Stan to sit in a coffin. Close the lid, use the nails on it, take the crypt key and
use the hammer on the cash register.
Time to try your luck at the spitting contest. First you need to use the straw on the
green drink, keep using various spitting terms and eventually you will win. Ask
the antique dealer about the map and sell him the spitting trophy - say it’s very
valuable (state it’s the spit from the killer of Le Chuck himself) and in return you
get six thousand pieces of eight. From the Disaster book, note down the co-
ordinates of the mad monkey, go to Kate and charter her boat. When you arrive at
the spot, jump in and you will retrieve
the figurehead.
Walk to the anchor, use the rope, go up top, return to shore, visit the antique
dealer and swap the map for the figurehead. Now walk over to the costume shop,
present your invitation and you will be given a costume. Go to the Governor’s
place and present both your costume and ticket to the guard then head over to the
house. On your way, knock over the garbage cans and allow the cook to chase
you. After you have run around the house twice you should have a bit of a lead on
the cook - when you arrive at the garbage cans, open the door and go through,
grab the fish and leave. Enter the house via the front door, go over and take the
map from the mantel piece and leave the house. After being caught, leave and
attempt to pick up the map (it blows away). Return inside, go upstairs and take the
oar from above Elaine’s bed. When you leave, pick up the dog.

Island Hopping
Then it’s off to the Phatt Island. Head down the pier, make a wager with the child
you come across, give him the fish to win the bet and he gives you the fishing
pole. Go back to Booty Island, over to the cliff and use the fishing rod on the map
(it blows over to a big tree). Go to the big tree, grab the plank and use it on the
hole to your far left. Walk on top of it and use the oar in the next hole. Walk to
the oar (it breaks) and watch as the dream unfolds - note the lyrics >from the
Take the broken oar and go to Scabb Island, visit the carpenter and give the
broken oar to him to fix. Go back to the big tree on Booty Island, place the oar in
the hole next to the plank. Walk to the higher plank, pick up the lower plank, use
on the next hole - repeat until program takes over. At the top of the tree house get
the telescope >from the farthest tree house, then enter the main one. Use the dog on
the pile of paper to get the correct map portion. Go to Phatt Island, place Kate’s
leaflet over the wanted poster and head to Dread’s ship. Return to shore after Kate
is put in jail, use the key to free her. Before leaving grab the envelope and open it
to find near-grog.
Go back to Booty Island and the antique dealer, but beware of the parrot sign. Put
the bag of parrot food on the hook where the sign was, and after the parrot moves
purchase a mirror. Go to the bottom of the waterfall and enter via the hole. Walk
through and up to the cottage, knock on the door and challenge the antique dealer
to a drinking contest. When he brings you a mug, use it on the tree to empty it.
Quickly use the mirror on the frame, open the shutter, exit the house and place the
telescope on the statue. Return inside and push the brick which is burnt by the
sun’s rays. The trap door gives way and you fall into the basement. Grab another
piece of map, exit via the hole. Take the ship back to Scabb Island and head for
the cemetery. Use the crypt key on the crypt, read the quotes from famous pirates
and the quote for Rapp Scallion. Look at the coffins, match up the correct quote
then open the coffin, get the ashes and re-visit the Voodoo lady. Get the Ash2life
jar (just to right of the skull) and ask her about it. Go back to the crypt again and
use Ashes2life on Rapp’s ashes. Say you will check out his gas, walk to the house
by the beach, use the key he gave you and use the knob on the stove to switch off.
Return to the crypt, use Ashes2life again, tell Rapp you switched off the gas and
you’ll get the last piece of the map. Head on over to the map maker, give him the
lens from the lighthouse, then give him the pieces of the map. Wally will now ask
you to do him a favour. Visit the Voodoo lady and pick up the potion of love on
his behalf. Leave here and row back to shore, open the bag, walk up to the crate
and use it (you are now on your way to the fortress of Le Chuck!).
You automatically get out of the crate, head to your right and up the stairs. Take
the front right path to go down to the dungeons, where Wally is. Speak to him
then return to where the signs are. Choose the back left passage and note the
different carvings on the wall - you are now in a maze. Remember the song... In
case you forgot to take down the verse from the dream, look at your dried spit on
the blank bit of paper. For example, if the first verse had a leg, head and hip in it,
then find that panel and push it, and so on.
Go to the large door with many locks, push in the middle of it and a smaller door
opens, enter. Attempt to get the voodoo key from the large chair. You are now
trapped. After being taken to the torture chamber, listen to Le Chuck and, when
he goes, use the straw on any of the drinks you have left. Aim your spit at the
shield to your right then fire away. (It should bounce off on to the pan on to the
candle - it could take a few goes until you get it right.) Once free, light a match
and you explode towards the final conclusion.

Final Leg
At Dinky Island grab the bottle >from the water and the crowbar and martini glass
from the shore. Open the barrel with the crowbar to get the cracker box, give a
cracker to the parrot then head left and take the jungle path. Choose the right path
at the fork. At the chest, get the rope, open the crate with the crowbar and then get
the dynamite. Return to the fork, take the left path and continue until you find the
tree with a hanging bag from its limb. Use the bottle on the tree, then on the bag
and get the cracker mix. Zip back to the beach, use the martini glass on the ocean,
then on the machine. Use the water on the cracker mix, give the crackers to the
parrot and note the directions given. For example, go to the fork path, then go
right, head due east (twice) to the dinosaur, north to the dolphin and due east at
the rocks to where the big X is marked.
Use the shovel on the X, use matches on the dynamite, use the dynamite on the
hole, use the crowbar with the rope, use this on the metal rods above you, and
guess what? You will soon be in the dark. Feel for the light switch and turn it on
for a surprise. When Le Chuck starts to chase you, find the doll box in the box
room, get one, find the balloon box and get some. In the first-aid section, take
dad’s skull, open the trash-can and take the gloves. Open the drawer to get the
syringe. Meanwhile Le Chuck will follow you around trying to slow you down.
Go into the workshop, use both gloves and a balloon on the helium gas (once for
each of the three objects), head over to the grog machine, use it to get a coin to
pop out. As Le Chuck goes to pick up the coin, pick up his underwear.
Head for the lift. (Note the balloon and gloves must be blown up at this point. Do
not use them on yourself; although this provides comic relief, it does not help
your situation.) Get ready to use the lever as soon as Le Chuck shows up, grab his
beard, return in the lift to the bottom and quickly do the following: Give Le
Chuck the hanky, use the hanky, skull, underpants and beard on Voodoo Juju bag
(one at a time), then use the doll on the bag. When Le Chuck enters, use the
syringe on the doll, follow him and repeat again. When you get the chance, pull
the leg off the doll. That’s it, finally the true story can be revealed, or is this just
the start of Monkey Island 3?

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