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 Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Walkthrough
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Gametips [solve]:
Click on the peculiar statue on the left side of the
screen. click on the rope next to the gaping hole on
the right side of the screen. look at the books about
the statues on the left. look at the cat figurines on
the table. Open the locker on the right and grab the
statue. Go to New York and pick up a newspaper from
the stand and go around the back of the theatre. Open
the fire escape door and talk to the doorman. Either
persuade him you are a big fan of Sophia's by saying
you think she is really smart and helps people understand
difficult things, call him a Darwinian nightmare and go
straight for a fight or push the crates until you can
walk to the fire escape ladder and climb up it.

Once inside the theatre, talk to the stage hand twice,
watch the show, give him the newspaper and ask him if
he wants to know about the days event. Push the left
and right-hand levers, and then push the button on the
machine to start the ghost. After talking to Sophia,
you go to Iceland. Go into the old dig-site and talk to
Dr Heimdall. Then go to see Sternhart in Tikal. Go into
the jungle and steer rodent to get it on the middle path,
and then use the whip on it. Walk down the middle path and
then walk to the tree. Take the kerosene lamp and Sternhart

Talk to him about the temple, and ask to go inside. When he
asks you for the title of the Lost Dialogue, tell him you
don't know and wait for him to go away. Talk to the parrot
about the title. Walk down the side of the temple and when
Sternhart appears, tell him you want to look inside and
give the correct title - Hermocrates. Go in the temple and
ask Sophia to keep Sternhart occupied. Nip back outside and
get the kerosene lamp, go back inside the temple, open the
lamp and use it on the left-handed spiral design. Pull the
design and use it on the animals head on the left- hand wall.
Pull the elephants nose, and then pick up the orichalcum after
Sternhart leaves with the worldstone. Go back to the truck,
and then back to Iceland and into the dig-site.

Use the orichalcum in the eel head, pick up the figurine and
then go to the Azores. Walk to the door and then try to open
it. Talk to Costa until he goes back inside. In Sophi'a guise,
open the door and talk to Costa about the Lost Dialogue and
ask him whether he will do business with Indy. When Sophia
and Costa have finsihed talking, talk to Indy and let him
take over. Open the door, talk about a trade and offer Costa
the figurine.

Back in Barnett College, after talking to Sophia, you can
find the dialogue in one of three places. Go upstairs and
pick up the gum from the school desk, go down into the
basement and use the gum on the chute. CLimb up the coal
chute, pick up the wax cat, go back down to the basement,
open the furnace and use the cat on the furnace. If the
dialogue is not inside it, go into the office across the
roadand get a jar of motor oil from the fridge. Go back
to the college, use the rope in the library and climb up.
Pour the motor oil in front of the statue and pull it under
the hole. Climb up and take the key from the urn.

Climb back down, push the crate aside and open the chest
with the key. If there was not a key in the urn, go to the
library and climb the rope. Pick up the arrow head from the
shelf. Go to the basement and pick up the red rag. Wrap it
round the arrow head and go back up to the library. Use it
on the screws in the back of the bookcase - the Dialogue is
in the bookcase if it was not anywhere else.

The Wits path.
Go to Monte Carlo, talk to the bloke who is wearing a brown
suit with a flower in the lapel. Use dialogue path 1/2/1/1.
Note the question that Trottier asks, the correct answer is
in Plato's Lost Dialogue. After you answer the question
correctly, Trottier will give you his business card. Keeping
talking to Trottier about the Nazi's trap, until he has a
reason to take you seriously. Ram the nazi's car, you may
have to hit there car a few times. After Trottier has told
you where he threw the Sunstone, look at the street sign at
the crash site.

The streets are arranged in alphabetical order from left to
right and from bottom to top. Once you find the correct drain,
open the drain and grab the Sunstone. Go to Algiers and walk
down the side alley to Omar Al-Jabbar's. Use dialogue path
1/1/1/4 and give Trottier's card to the servant. Ask the
servant to speak to Omar again, and follow the man in the
red fez to the market place. Talk to hi mand use dialogue
path 4/3/1/3/1/2. Go back to Omar's shop and ask the price
of the pots.

Give the servant the red fez. Ask the servant to speak to
Omar again and follow the red fez on the map. Lure Omar
into the closet and close the door. Grab the laundry , pick
up the pole, then use it on the laundry cloth map. Pick up
the blackbird statue and Omar's statue. If you are caught
in the dessert use dialogue path 1/1 and give either of the
statues. Show the map to some of the nomad camps and they
will tell you "considerably" or "far" means two screens and
"slightly" or "little" menas "on this screen". If the nomads
do not comment, it is one screen away. Go down into the dig
site, and pick up the long tubular thing, clay thing.

Go up to the truck and open the gas tank. Use the hose with
the tank and the clay jar with the end of the hose. Go back
to the metal thing and open the metal cap on the generator.
Use the hose on the metal thing and the clay jar on the gas
filler pipe. Use the little metal thing to turn the generator
on. Push the round object on the left and pick up the statue.
Turn off the generator, open the cover and grab the ceramic
thing. GO back to the truck, use a bead with the statue and
use the statue with the spark plug. Once at There, walk to
the left and up the path. Walk to the dig site in the mountains
and check the crate on the ground. Close the lid and take the
invoice. Walk into the dig-site and close the door in the
dig-site. Use the Sunstone on the peg in the secret compartment.

Turn the Sunstone until the correct symbol is opposite the
tall horns then click on the spindle. Open the door, grab
the carved sign and then take the Sunstone. Grab the
entrenching tool which is on the table, open it and start
digging. Walk back down to the port and talk to the man.
Give him to invoice and take the balloon withing the crate.
Give the carved sign to the man and take the basket. Grab
the fish net hanging up. Walk back to the dig site and use
the fish net with the balloon. Use the netted balloon with
the large basket. Use the hose with the deflated balloon.
Use the hose with the vent in the mountain. Once in the air,
you must find the submarine and land as close as possible to
it. Go down into the kitchen make a sandwich with the
cold-cuts and bread. Walk to the guard who is guarding the
locker. Eat the sandwich and then give it to him. Open the
locker and take the stone and the instructions.

Walk to the torpedo bay and wrap the greasy rag around the wires.
Use the torpedo Launch instructions to prep the control panel.
Push the launch lever and stand back. Go to the bunk room and
take the clothesline. Use the clothesline on the launch lever
and enter the tube, and pull the line. Once you are on Crete,
plcae the sunstone and the moonstone on the spindle. The sunstone
setting is the same as on There, allign the appropiate Moonstone
symbol withthe referenced Sunstone symbol, then push the spindle.
Enter the door and pick up the two statue heads from the shelf.
Walk through the door and use the whip of the third head. Find
the room with the Minotaur statue, use the whip on the head and
walk onto the platform.

Grab the stone and the staff. Look at the waterfall and use the
chain to climb back up. Find the room with the gold box, use the
staff on the chock to free the counterweight, walk down to the
counterweight and place the staff into the mouth of the statue.
Grab the gold box. Use the statue with the hatch. Use a bead in
the statue. Once you have the wool scarf, the hard rubber comb,
you can make a orichalcum detector. Use the comb with the
clothesline and use it with the scarf. This will point to a
secret door. Find the two beads on the ground and then put them
in the lead-lined gold box. Try again and you will find a secret
door. Open the box and put a bead in the subway car. (End of the
wits path.)

The Team path.
When you have the Lost Dialogue, go to Algiers and walk to the left-hand
side of the market place. Go down the back alley and pick up the brown
mask from the side of the shop. Go back to Monte Carlo and talk to Sophia.
Agree to a seance and set about finding Trottier. Read the Lost Dialogue
and try to remember what it says. When a man in a brown suit with greyish
hair walks past, talk to him, ask him if he is Trottier, say you are a simple
professor and then tell him Madame Sophia is in town. Answer the question
correctly. Go to see Sophia on your own and tell her Trottier won't come. Go
back down, talk to Trottier and then go up for the seance. Tell Sophia to keep
Trottier busy, and then pick up the bedspread, open the cabinet and pick up the
torch, open the fuse-box and pull the circuit breaker.

When it is dark, use the sheet, the torch and then the mask. Now go to Algiers.
Talk to the knife- thrower and then try to persuade Sophia to be his assistant.
Ask her to volunteer, and then tell her it is perfectly safe. When she walks
over to have a look, push her. Go down the back alley to Omar's shop and give
him the worldstone. When he asks, tell him you will never give up, and he gives
you a couple of camels. When you return, tell Omar the camels died, and swap
the mask for a red wagon. Talk to the grocer and offer to trade the wagon for
something red.

Take the fez and give it to the grocer. Talk to the beggar on the right and then
give him the squab on a stick. Walk to the roof and give the ticket to the
balloon vendor. Walk to the balloon and use the knife on the rope. Fly the
balloon to a nomad camp and talk to the nomad. Ask him what he thinks of the
map and then follow his directions and land at another camp further away. After
you have visited three or four camps a nomad says you are very close toi the
site and an X appears on the map. Land the balloon on the X. Walk to the dig-site
on the left, and walk down the ladder after Sophia has fallen in the hole.

Grope in the dark and pick up the long thing, the blunt thing, the clay thing
and the sharp wood thing. Walk to the ladder and then to the truck. Open the
gas tank, use the hose on the gas tank, use the clay jar on the end of the hose
and then go back down the ladder. On the metal thing at the front of the screen,
open the metal cap. Use the gas-filled jar with gas filler-pipe, and then push
the little metal thing. Use the ship rib with the crumbling wall on the right,
use the peg with the mural and use the sunstone on the peg. Look at the sunstone,
position the rising sun by the horns at the top and press the peg. After Sophia
comes out, pick up the Sunstone and the peg, open the generator, push the on/off
button, pick up the spark plug (ceramic thing) and go back up the ladder.

Walk to the truck, use the spark plug on the engine, use the distributor cap on
the enine, then use the truck and go to Crete. Walk up the steps off the left
of the screen and then down the path. Walk over the rickety bridge and keep going
left until you find the surveyor's instruments. Pick it up and then go down to
the main dig-site. On the left-hand side of the dig there are two entrances side
by side, go into the left-hand one and look at the mural. Near the bull's horns
statue there are two piles of stones, push each one to reveal two statues. Use
the surveyor's instruments on the bull's head statue, use transit-on-statue, and
line up the cross hair with the left horn. Indy says "I see the left horn". Put
the surveyor's instrument on the bull's tail statue and line up with the right
horn. Indy says "I see the right horn" and an 'X-marks-the-spot' appears.

Us ethe ship rib on the X. Leave the dig-site and go back up the path. Walk
to the right and use teh sunstone on the stone pedestal, and then use the
moonstone on the sunstone. Look at the stones, position the rising sun and the
new moon by the horns at the top and press the spindle. Pick up the stone and
go into the secret entrance. Pick up the two statue heads and go through the
doorway. From the other side use the whip on the third statue head. Go up the
stairs, through the door on the left and use the three statues heads on the
shelf. Go through the left-hand of the two doors at the back of the room, use
the whip on the statue head and walk on to the slab in the middle. Pick up the
staff and the worldstone, and look at the waterfall. Use the chain and go
through the door on the left avoiding the elevator. Walk through the door by
the statue heads, up the stairs and then through the door on the right.

Use the staff on the chock and then go back down the stairs and through to
the right until you reach the bottom of the stone shaft. Use the staff in
the statue's mouth. Pick up the gold box and put the beads in the box. GO
back down the first elevator to where you left Sophia. Walk through the
door at the back. look at the hole above the gate and talk to Sophia. Tell
her she would not fit, that it is a narrow passage and then that she will
fit with luck. Walk through the doorway and then up the stairs. Use the amber
fish, talk to Sophia and ask her to give you the necklace. Tell her you need
to hide it, doas she says and then tell her that you want to put it in the
gold box. Go into the next room - you should come down somesteps - and use
the amber fish. Use the ship rib on the wall, open the door and walk through.
Walk through the door on the right and use the sun stone on the spindle, then
the moonstone, and finally the world stone.

Line up the rising sun with the horns, and then the waning moon and the city
with darkness, and press the spindle. Walk through the door and when Kerner
appears, don't argue, just give him the stones. Use the ship rib on the rocks
to the right and then walk down to the submarine. Open the hatch and fight the
captain. Inside the sub, use the big lever, then use the intercom and tell the
crew to go to the bow. Walk to the lower deck and go to the left. Pick up the
cold cuts, bread and the porcelain mug, and go to the left. Push the switch,
go back, and then push the lever. Walk to the left, open the trapdoor, walk
to the right along the bottom and use the mug on the battery acid. Walk to the
right again, talk to Sophia and then go up through the trapdoor, and down the
ladder behind the guard. Walk up to the buard and say "I'm the staff archaeologist.
GOt any buckets?". Pick up the plunger and go back up to the conning tower.
Use the big lever and then use the plunger on the brok!

Use the intercom to tell the crew to go to the stern torpedo bay. Go down to
the lower deck and walk to the right.

Open the trapdoor above and to the right of Kerner, go down and use the mug
on the strong box. GO back to where Sophia is and use the key on the padlocked
rudder control. Push the wheel and steer the submarine into the hole in the
stones of the leftmost screen. (End of the team path)

[All three paths re-join here.]
Walk to the right of the screen to the stone rubble and pick up
the wood thing in the bottom left corner of the screen. Use the
ladder with the rubble and walk up to the stone thing. Touch the
stone thing, open it, pick up the metal rod and use a bead in the
rod. Pick up the ladder and use the three stones on the spindle.
Look at the world stone and position the rising sun at the bottom,
and the waning moon and city in line with darkness on the right-
hand side. Push the spindle, use a bead in the sentry statue, pick
up the stones and go through the door. Go around the outer corridor
to the bottom right-hand side and pick up the rib-cage from the
skeleton. Visit each room in turn, using the grates as short cuts
where possible, and make sure you defeat at least one guard to get
his rations. Pick up the bronze spoked wheel in the room, which
can only be reached by crawling through the grates.

When you find Sophia's prsion cell, put a bead in the sentry statue. In the
statue room, put the ladder on the hole and walk across to pick up the cup.
Go to the crab room. Put the rations in the rib-cage and put the rib-cage in
the pool. Pick it up when a crab is trapped. In the lava room, use the cup on
the pedestal and the statue head on the plaque. After you have visited all the
rooms you should have a broze gear, a bronze wheel, a cup of lava and an eel
sculpture. Go to the machine room, put the bronze wheel on the right-hand peg
and tip the lava in the funnel at the top. Pick up the beads and go back to
the lava room to get more lava. Keep making beads until you are unable to carry
any more and then pick up the spoked wheel and go to the sentry room. Use a bead
in the eel sculpture and then in the fish statue. Go through the door, go into
the dungeon where Sophia is held and pick up the statue part. Go to the canal
and use the trapped crab on the canal.

Walk to the canal and then on to the raft and put a bead in the crab's mouth.
Float to the right-hand gate and use the sunstone on the spindle. Float through,
use the moonstone on the next spindle, float through and use the worldstone on
the next two spindles. Float to the pile of bones, go through the door at the
top of the steps and pick up the gear. Go back to the raft, use the moonstone
on the spindle, float through and use the sunstone on the spindle. Float through
and keep going until you reach the room with the archway. Go through the archway.
Use the chain with the bronze loop on the door, and the other chain with the
statue arm. Use the ladder on the sentry statue and open the chest plate. Put
the spoked wheel and the statue part on the middle peg, the cresent gear on the
right-hand pegs, the round gear on the bottom-left gear, and then put a bead in
the centre.

Pick up the hinge pin., go back to the dungeon and give Sophia the hinge pin.
Open the cage, tell Sophia you have a plan, and tell her to prop it open with
the pin. Open the cage, pick up the hinge pin and go on to the raft to the door
you open with the peculiar mechanism. Follow SOphia into the room with the lava
pit. Walk to the far left, pick up the sceptre, walk back to the lava pit and
look at Sophia. Put a bead in the necklace's mouth and when Sophia holds it away
from her body use the gold box on it. Go back to the hallway, walk to the left
and through the door on the right. Walk up to the slots on the machine, use the
hinge pin in the left slot and the sceptre in the right slot. Put a bead in the
mouth and push both levers. While moving, pick up the left-hand lever, put it in
the middle slot and push it up. Walk down to the centre of the screen and then
down to the right-hand side. Take the right door, then the left, middle, letf,
right, left.

Before you go over the steps to the right, take note of the position of
the sun, moon and volcano on the wall, go to the right and take the left
door at the top. Walk across the lava and if your path is blocked, go back
to the shore and try to cross it again. When you success, walk down the
steps to the right and into the centre. Put the stones on the spindle,
position them in the places shown by the markings on the wall - it might be
midday sun at the south east, and volcano and full moon to the east. Then
push the spindle. Talk to the Germans and Kerner goes on to the platform first.
When the professor tries to make you go on, tell him he'd make a better god,
tell him about Plato's error, and then that Plato and Kerner got it wrong. The
professor then lets you decide how many beads to use. Say, "Will you stop with
the bead talk," and then tell him about all the things you will do when you are
a god. Theprofessor pushes you aside, so just get ready to watch the grand finale.

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