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  Mario Kart Super Circuit -GameboyAdvance Cheats
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from: Richard Busuttil

Extra Tracks
Enable the SNES Mario Kart Tracks
Want to double the number of tracks available? Once you earn
the Special Circuit in any class, beat that and get the gold
trophy. Now enter any class (50, 100, 150) that you have earned
gold trophies in ALL the cups (Mushroom, Flower, Star, Lightning,
and Special). Choose any cup you wish to play in. During the
four races in the cup, collect a grand total of 100 coins.
During the awards ceremony, if you have collected 100 coins
in that cup's races, you will be awarded with Extra Tracks.

To race these Extra Tracks, return to the same class (50-150)
and cup. On the Cup selection screen, press [L] or [R] to
switch to the classic Super Mario Kart tracks instead of the
standard ones. Every cup has 4 extra tracks available, and to
enable the tracks for any mode and cup, you must earn it in
the same mode and cup.

In other words, if you get the Special Tracks for the 50cc
Mushroom Cup, they are only available in 50cc Mushroom. To
get them in 100cc Mushroom, you need to get the gold in all
the 100cc Cups and earn 100 coins in the 100cc Mushroom Cup.

To enable these extra tracks in Time Trial, you must earn
them in the 150cc modes.

Special Cup
Want to race in the Special Cup tracks? Simply get the gold in
all four cups in either 50, 100, or 150 racing. Once you earn
the gold trophy in all four cups in a class, the Special Circuit
for that class is enabled.


 Posted by Angel on October 20, 2004 (615 reads)  (  Discuss about Mario Kart Super Circuit in our forum)




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