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  CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars [PS3] -PS3 Cheats
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Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
Tutorials Completed (Bronze): Complete the tutorial for each character.
First Blood (Bronze): Try to be the first one that kills an enemy in challenge mode.
Ability First Kill (Bronze): Perform a kill using your ability for the first time in a challenge.
Challenges Master (Bronze): Win Death Match without being killed in a challenge.
Ability Master (Bronze): Perform 10 frags in a row with only your abilities in challenge mode.
BlackOp Campaign Completed (Bronze): Complete all challenges in the BlackOp Campaign.
Bishop Campaign Completed (Bronze): Complete all challenges in the Bishop Campaign.
Guardian Campaign Completed (Bronze): Complete all challenges in the Guardian Campaign.
Arena Master (Silver): Perform 5 kills without being killed in a ranked match.
Slayer (Silver): Get 100 kills in ranked matches.
All Rewards Unlocked (Silver): Unlock all Rewards.
Marathon (Gold): Score 1,000,000 points.


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