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  RTX Red Rock -PS2 Cheats
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Level Select
Enter Down, Left, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left,
Down as a code. Hold R1 at the main menu to select level.

Extra Special Features
Enter Left, Down, Up, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down as a code.

Extra Items
Enter Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Up, Up as a code.

Better Weapons
Enter Right, Up, Down, Down, Up, Right, Right, Up, Down, Down as a code.

Easy Mode
Enter Up, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Up as a code.

Normal Mode
Enter Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down as a code.

High quality video
Enter Right, Up, Right, Right, Up, Right, Right, Right, Up,
Right as a code. Note! You must have a HDTV for this code to work.


 Posted by Moonlight on October 20, 2004 (978 reads)  (  Discuss about RTX Red Rock in our forum)




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