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  Robot Alchemic Drive -PS2 Cheats
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Completion bonus
Successfully complete the game to unlock all robots in versus mode.

Faster intermission sequences
Hold Start during an intermission sequence to fast forward it.

Hint: Superior Vavel
As soon as you start getting money from killing Volgara, try to put as
much as possible into making your character and Vavel more powerful by
purchasing new attacks, thicker armor, and more ammunition for your
weapons. Vavel's power is average at the start of the game, but if you
build it up completely, it will be combat superior to all of the other
enemies and Meganites, including Osmodeous.

Vavel's Volcanic mode
Vavel's Volcanic mode has the ability will allow you twice as much power in
the normal mode. This can be very helpful if you are losing a fight. If you
are not very skilled at controlling Vavel yet, you should only use it as a
last resort. If you start off in volcanic mode and cannot control Vavel well
enough, you may run out of time and lose the fight. This is also the same with
Vavel's Genesis mode, only you gain about four times normal power.


 Posted by Angel Wings on October 20, 2004 (997 reads)  (  Discuss about Robot Alchemic Drive in our forum)




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