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  Resident Evil Code - Veronica X -PS2 Cheats
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Battle mode
Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting.
The game will automatically save after the credits have completed.
A battle mode option will be unlocked at the main menu.

First person view
Successfully complete the game under the easy or normal difficulty setting.

Linear launcher
Get an A ranking with Steve Burnside, Chris and Albert Wesker and both
versions of Claire in battle mode to unlock the linear launcher.
It will appear in your inventory during the next battle mode game.

Play as Steve Burnside in battle mode
Get the gold Luger replica from the basement office in Disc 2.
The correct drawer sequence is red, green, blue, and bottom.
You can also unlock Steve Burnside by performing well in battle
mode as Chris.

Steve Burnside cross-fire with sub machine guns
While playing in battle mode, kill all but one zombie in any room.
While equipped with sub machine guns, walk up to the zombie and press X,
and Steve will cross his sub machine guns. For best results, play in third
person so you can see the cross-fire. If there is more than one zombie,
Steve might aim at two zombies rather than cross-firing at one.

Play as alternate Claire in battle mode
Perform well with the original Claire in battle mode.

Play as alternate Chris in battle mode
Complete battle mode as Wesker. Note: He is armed only with a knife.

Play as Albert Wesker in battle mode
Take Albert Wesker's sunglasses from the floor in the Incubation Lab after
the intermission sequence when playing as Chris. Alternately, perform well in
battle mode with Steve Burnside. First unlock Steve Burnside. Then, play as
Chris and finish with the best grade to u nlock Albert Wesker. He is armed
only with a knife and has two mixed herbs.

Self-destruct code
Enter "Veronica" as a code when playing as Chris on Disc 2 when you have to
open all doors and elevators to save Claire with 5:00 minutes to evacuate.

Find a magnum for Wesker
Locate the casino room where everyone got a first aid from the slot machine.
Wesker will hit it and the bottom will open and reveal a magnum instead of a
first aid spray. Note: Although it only has six shots, it will only take five
to kill Alexia type 1.

Grenade launcher
Before you go up to the Residential House on the Hill, take the ladder in
the area outside in the "Training Facility" where Alfred ambushed you with
the sniper rifle. It will lead you back to where you played as Steve. You can
get a grenade launcher and ammo, but you need the Blue Card Key.

Saving ammunition
Use the combat knife to save ammunition. To kill a zombie easily, point at
its head. Swipe at the right place and time and the monster will go down.
Then quickly swipe down to finish it off. This works well with Wesker in battle
mode. Instead of swiping at their heads with the combat knife, aim for their legs
when they are walking. This will cause their knees to buckle and they will drop.
Keep swiping a ew more times to kill thm. This works best just when they are
getting up because it causes multiple hits in one swipe. If you aim down at just
about anything else, it will be very effective and will kill it in less than ten
hits. This is not recommended for Bosses (Nostafu, Alexia, Spider, etc.)

Defeating the first stage of Alexia
When Alexia is in her transformation and going to kill Claire with one hit,
shoot an arrow to save ammunition for the other weapons.

Defeating the second stage of Alexia
Walk right up to her and shoot six normal grenade rounds directly at her
face. She will change to her third form.

Defeating the first Bandersnatch
The first real Boss is a Bandersnatch that Alfred Ashford sets out for you.
The best way to defeat it is to run to the stairs and climb down. It will
jump to the lower level to get at you. Shoot it five times with the Bow gun
using ordinary arrows. Climb back up the stairs and the Bandersnatch will
use his arm to hoist himself back up to where he started and you can shoot
him again. As long as you keep running up and down the stairs he will never
get near you -- when he jumps to another level he starts back at the farthest
distance away from you. Use the Bowgun because you can get hundreds of arrows
during the game, conserving your more powerful weapons (such as the MP-100s and
MRI-19) for more dangerous enemies. Although this is the only Bandersnatch in
the game that you have to kill, it is the easiest.

Defeating the Worm
Equip your Bow gun and combine it with arrows. Go inside the facility and an
intermission with Claire dodging the Worm's attack will start. The battle will
then start. When you see rocks going through the floor, run the other way and
shoot him with the Bow gun. Continue this strategy until it is dead.

Avoid bats
With Claire or Chris, use your lighter to avoid bats. Keep it out and they
will not bother you.

No zombies in metal detector area
When you are ready to copy the hawk emblem, get into the room with the
duplication machine. Instead of copying the plate, set off the alarm by taking
something metal through the detector, but do not turn the alarm back on. Copy the
plate, then when you are going back through there will be no zombies in the

Fun with Zombies
If you want innovative ways to kill Zombies, try this. There will be zombies
on the dirt road that leads up to the mansion (where you find the Gold Lugers)
the first time you get there. With your back to the concrete wall, let a zombie
grab hold of you and push him off. He will hit the railing and fall over it.
When you have a lot of Zombies chasing you, run up the nearest flight of stairs.
Shoot the first Zombie that climbs up the stairs when he reaches the top,
but not far enough to get at you. Shoot him enough times with whatever handgun
you have untilhe looses his balance and falls down the stairs, killing every
other Zombie below that he lands on.
You will not need to shoot the Zombie more than three times to get him off
balance. The best place for this maneuver is near the end of the game, with Chris
in the Moth Room.

Door-opening Zombie
In Claire's part of the game, go to the part in the bottom floor of the
torture room where you get the piano roll. After you put the sword in the slot
turn around, and go to the back of the statue. Without killing the Zombie, pick
up the piano roll and leave the room. Go up the steps and you will hear a door
shut. Go back to the top of the steps and the zombie will have gone through the
door and will be walking up the steps to come after you.

Alternate Nosferatu death
There are two ways to kill Nosferatu, normally where he will just fall to
the ground and with the sniper rifle. If you kill him with the sniper rifle, you
will be treated to a sequence featuring Claire blasting his heart into pieces.
After shooting the Nosferatu enough to where he is almost dead, instead of
wasting more ammunition, just take your hunting knife and stab him in the chest.
A FMV sequence showing you do this will appear.

Rescue Rodrigo
Do not just run from the worm and let it eat Rodrigo. Use about one or two
full clips to drop the Worm. Although Rodrigo will still die, he will give you
the lighter, which will help you get some items.

Finding Rodrigo in battle mode
Start a battle mode game with any character. When you encounter the hunters
for the first time in the room with the lift, look through the crates blocking
the lift to find Rodrigo . He will just be standing there with his mouth hanging

Rescue Steve From Gold Luger room
When you hear Steve scream for help when you try to leave, go back to the
projection/model room. On the panel with the ship, plane, magnum, pistol,
and an ant select both the magnum and pistol.

More BOW gas rounds in battle mode
During you fourth time as alternate Claire in battle mode, look in the slot
machine for BOW gas rounds. It takes about five to kill the Boss.

Portrait puzzle solution
This is the sequence to solve the puzzle in the room with the portraits.
The number in parentheses is their position clockwise when facing the door.
Beautiful woman holding tea set (4)
Middle aged man with red-haired twins (7)
Red-haired man holding a teaset (2)
Red-haired man with earthenware plate (6)
Man with earthenware vase (1)
Man with candlestick (5)
Young man from projector (3- up stairs)

D.I.J.'s journal
You find D.I.J.'s journal in the slot machine in battle mode.
Sometimes you have to play more than once to find it.

D.I.J.'s identity
The person who wrote the D.I.J. diary is the mouse that jumps out of the
locker in the Antarctica section of Claire's scenario of the game.

Extra animations in battle mode
When playing as Chris, after killing the Hunter and the Sweeper in the
locker room, go back to the smashed mirror and press Action. Chris will do
his hair.
When you get to the junction room, where you have the choice of going into
the casino room or continuing on with battle mode, check the soda machine
after killing everything. Steve will get upset about not having money for the
machine. Note: You may also need to try the machine in the locker room.
Walk up to one zombie and press R to aim, then press L to auto aim with the
sub-machine guns. Steve will cross his guns just like in the FMV sequences.
Look at the human torso in the insane doctor's office.
Wesker will tilt his glasses down and look at it disgusted.
When Claire in the freezing hallway, after killing the zombies. Walk (do not
run) back to the door you came in by and press Action. She will be affected
by the cold. Press Action when Chris goes to the tiger statue. He will put
his hand into it and will get cut.
Play in first person and go to the first room with the hunters.
After killing them, go to the stacked up boxes in the turntable and press
Rodrigo will be standing there.

Recommended weapons
Use the indicated weapon to defeat the corresponding enemy:
Zombies (as Claire): Bowgun with Normal Arrows as much as possible, and if
not, the Handgun.
Cerebuses (dogs): If you fight one on one, attack with one Handgun bullet,
then Knife it to death. Otherwise, use the Handgun.
Bandersnatchers (enemies with long arms): Grenade Launcher with Explosive
Rounds. Otherwise, Acid Rounds or Bowgun with Powder Arrows. If they live
after one shot, use the Handgun or Bowgun with normal arrows, or if playing
as Chris, use the Shotgun. Tyrant 1 (on walkway): Grenade Launcher with
Explosive Rounds. Otherwise the Acid Rounds or the Bowgun with Powder Arrows.
Tyrant 2 (on airplane): Grenade Launcher with all 3 B.O.W. Rounds followed
by a few Bow Gun Powder Arrows to finish the job or the Grenade Launcher.
Then, fire the catapult.
Moths: Run away; there is no need to kill them. Spiders: Grenade Launcher with
Explosive Rounds. Otherwise, Claire's Custom Handgun.
If you do not have anything important to pick-up in the area, just run away.
Nosferatu (Boss with exposed heart): Sniper's Rifle through the heart.
Otherwise, Bow Gun Powder Arrows, M150-P, Bow Gun with Normal Arrows, or
Grenade Launcher with Grenade Rounds.
Digger (worm-like creature): Assault Rifle. Otherwise, M150-P, Claire's
Custom Handgun, or anything else.
Zombies (as Chris): Claire's Custom Handgun. Otherwise, any Handgun or the
Bow Gun.
Hunters (frog-like enemies with claws): Grenade Launcher with Explosive
Rounds. Otherwise,
Acid Rounds. If they live after one shot, use the Shotgun.
Tentacles: Any Handgun. As Claire, use Chris' handgun or Claire's Custom
Handgun if available.
Giant Spider: Run away; there is no need to kill them.
Alexia 1 (Alexia using Blood to create fire): Shotgun. Otherwise, Grenade
Launcher with any rounds or the Magnum.
Morphed Steve (Nosferatu-like Steve wielding a huge Ax): Run away.
Alexia 1 1/2 (Alexia going to 1-hit kill Claire): Shotgun or Magnum.
Alexia 2 (Alexia as a huge creature spewing out little creatures): Magnum.
Grenade Launcher with Explosive Rounds, Rounds, or Shotgun.
Alexia 3 (Alexia flying around the screen): Get the Linear Launcher and use


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