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  Tomba! - Resuelto -playstation Cheats
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By: Mega-Fred

Grandpa's Bracelet
You'll have this event to solve until the end of the game!

Clear the Fog
Get the Furious tornado out of the mailbox and use it in
front of the fog.

100-Year-Old Wiseman
Go to his hut.

Inside the Kokka Eggs
Get the three chicks from the red and blue eggs by breaking
the eggs. Give them to the 100-Year-Old man.

Tale of the Evil Pigs: Talk to the 100-Year-Old man.

Beginner's Dwarf Language: Jump on four dwarves' heads.

Save the Dwarves
The dwarves are spread out around the Dwarf Village.
You have to find all seven to see the Dwarf Elder.
Three are in the watchtower area. Three are in the
Forest. One is in Wobbly Wharf.

A Lost Child
Take the child back to the Dwarf Village. He is one
level down from the base of the watchtower

Dwarf Elder
Save the dwarves and the lost child and you can talk
to the Dwarf Elder.

The (Blue) Evil Pig Bag
The Dwarf Elder gives it to you.

The World's Greatest Smile
Talk to the dwarf guard when you are laughing - use a mushroom!

The World's Greatest Pout
Talk to the dwarf guard while you are crying - do the smile first.

To Phoenix Mountain
Make the dwarf guard laugh and then cry.

Where's the Baby Mouse?
He is in the Baccus Village bar. After you find him go to
the town hall.

Road to Baccus Lake
Read the bulletin board by town hall and then let the
mouse lead you to the lake.

A Drink for Grownups
Fix the pump at Baccus Lake and notify Town Hall.
First find a pipe near the pump. Then walk around
the machinery pressing the square button.

1000 Year Old Man
He is in the haunted mansion behind the door that
looks boarded-up.

Painting of a Big Key
Put the key panels that you find in the panel.

A Large Key Hole
Use the Big Key from the painting to open the door
with the Big Key Hole in the mansion.

A Small Key Hole
You will get a small key from a mouse in a room
on the east side of the mansion that will open the door.

Break the Magic Egg
Break all of the eggs around the mansion and then you
will be able to break the magic one.

The Mouse Pig Bag
It is in the 1000 year old chest by Town Hall in Baccus

The Haunted Pig Bag (Pink)
It is in the room with the Large Key Hole in the Haunted

The Precious Treasure Chest:
When you first get all the way to the end of Stormy
Mountain, before you go into the lava caves, talk to
the guy in blue.

Stormy Pig Bag (Red)
Behind the key hole door on Stormy Mountain.

Phoenix Mountain
The gate for the Red Pig is in Charity Square.

ire Pig Bag (Green)
At the entrance to the Lava Caves, in a 1000 year old chest.

Use the Mysterious Mushroom in front of the smiling door at
the Haunted Mansion.

Lava Caves
The gate is behind the smiling door in the Haunted Mansion.
Beat the Green Pig.

Haunted Mansion
The gate is up and at the far left of the Lava Caves.
Beat the Pink Pig. The Phoenix's Favorite: Give five
Bunk Flowers from the Lava Caves to the Phoenix to make
him fly!

The Master of the Skies
Solve the Phoenix's Favorite.

Find Charles!
After giving him his pants in Stormy Mountain, see him at
the end of The Jungle. He gives you the Miner's Hat, which
you give to the Miner.

A Refreshing Drink
Get bananas from The Jungle and give them to the Miner in
the Village of Civilization. He will give you banana juice,
which you give to Charles.

I Can't Swim
Not until late in the game! Complete "A Refreshing Drink".

I Need a Bomb
Get the coconut bomb from the tall tree in The Jungle.

Break the Rusty Door
Use the bomb in front of the door in the Iron Castle.

We Need Power
Complete "Break the Rusty Door".

The Civilization Machine
Complete "Break the Rusty Door" and "We Need Power".

Baccus Village
The gate is to the left of the tall tree in The Jungle.
Beat the Orange Pig.

The Jungle Pig Bag (Navy)
It is in a 10,000-year-old chest on Old Tree Hill.

The Deep Jungle Pig
The gate for the Navy pig is by the entrance to the
Familiar Mansion.

What's Under the Forest
Return to the Watch Tower and take the elevator down to the Underground Maze.

The 10,000-Year-Old Man
He is in a hut in Trick Village.

The Mermaid's Necklace
It is in a blue chest on the surface to the right in Trick Village - give it
to the mermaid who is in a room in the Haunted Mansion.

What's Underwater
This event will clear after the mermaid teaches you how to dive -
which clears after you complete The Mermaid's Necklace.

The Ten Math Beads
Dive and find all of the math beads in the underwater maze for the
10,000-year-old man.

The Underwater Pig Bag
It is in a 10,000-year-old chest in the lower right of the underwater maze.

Trick Village
The gate for the Yellow pig is in the Clock Tower in the Village of

The Thief's Door
Use the thief's wire that you get from the 10,000-year-old man at the door to
the left of the digger's hut in the Underground maze.

Unbreakable Wire
It is in the Haunted Mansion in the room to the left of the One Thousand-Year-
Old Man's room - you can get it from the digger in there. Then use it in the
same place that you used the first wire.

Source of Evil Magic
This will clear when you talk to the 1 million-year-old man.

Dig Like a Mole
Talk to this digger again later after you see the 1 million-year-old man.

The 100 Flower Forest
The gate is in the 1 million-year-old man's room in the Underground Maze.

Million Year Old Wish
This event will clear after you bag the seven Evil Pigs.

The Eighth Evil Pig Bag?
This event will clear after you bag the seven Evil Pigs.

Seven Friends
Locations of the 7 Friends
1. Dwarf Village
2. The "Y" Intersection in the Village of Civilization
3. Iron Castle
4. Lumberjack Factory
5. Baccus Village
6. North side of Haunted Mansion behind the Big Key Hole door
7. Baron the dog. He shows up after you find the other 6

Take Me Home:
Take the frog to the Ol' Pond. You will find it in the purple flowers in the
Village of All Beginnings.

A Hungry Monkey:
Give Charles the bananas that you get from the man at the Ol' Pond.

Motocross Course:
Enter the hut with the GoGo Car and go to the far right.

Who Are You?:
Find Yan for the first time in the building before the Ol' Pond. You will
just see his eyes in the shadows.

The AP Box:
Walk through the AP ring when you have enough points.

I Need a Tear Bottle:
Beat the Bonsugee monsters again after the Dwarf pig is beaten.

Where'd the Lights Go?:
Go visit the thief in jail by the dwarf elder. Get a torch from the dwarf in
the middle of dwarf village and
return to the jail.

Stop the Fight:
Go to the jail (where the thief was) and get the broken vase. Then go talk to
the fighters.

A Real Evil Pig:
Beat the last pig and win the game!

The Great Escape:
Go back to the jail and talk to the thief after Where'd the Lights Go.

Look and See:
Get the telescope from the roof of the watchtower and then use it by the ladder
in the watchtower.

Ready, Set, Go!:
Race the thief to the top of the watch tower. You will get Silver Powder.

Monster Hunt:
Beat the Bonsugee monsters in Mushroom Forest. You have to jump on one (on the
side of it) so that it is blinded, then jump on the other and throw it against
the first one. You have to do this three times to beat them. You will get Rise
& Shine Powder.

The Mysterious Mushroom:
It is in a 1,000-year-old chest high and to the right in the Mushroom Forest.

Leaf Slider:
Use the Mysterious Mushroom twice to cry and the guard will let you by.
(Blue Powder is in the slider.)

Red & Blue:
Use Blue Powder on a red flower. It will turn blue. Throw the blue flower against
a red one and eat the new one. If you mess up, you can go through the Leaf Slider
again and get more Blue Powder.

A Safe Mushroom?:
The Ordinary Mushroom is in an AP Box at the end of Mushroom Forest.

Treasures from the Mansion:
Take the boat across the ocean at the end of Mushroom Forest.

A Familiar Looking Mansion:
Complete Treasures from the Mansion. When you leave the mansion, this event
will clear.

Charles' Pants:
The mouse at the beginning of the Lava Caves will give them to you - then give them
to Charles on Stormy Mountain.

The Red Fortune Teller:
She will talk to you after you fix the pump at Baccus Lake.

The Broken Fountain:
After you get flower tears (see "I Need a Tear Bottle" and "Tears from a Flower"),
use them in the fountain at Charity Square.

Can't Stop Crying:
Give this guy in Baccus Village a Healing Mushroom.

Death Fruit Juice:
Get weed killer from the mice in the bar at Baccus Village and then kill 5 death
fruits in the Mushroom Forest. Then go back to the bar and they will reward you
with Vitality Max+1.

Flower Seeds:
They are in the Watch Tower area below the Watch Tower next to a red chest. Give
them to the dwarf in green who is by the Dwarf Elder's hut.

Plant a Flower Garden:
Give flower seeds to the dwarf in green by the Dwarf Elder's hut. Then go back after
you give the dwarf doctor the Knowledge Fruit. You will get the gold flower.

Where Did I Come From?:
Go in the door below the entrance to the Lava Caves.

Healing Herbs for Baron:
Get herbs from Stormy Mountain and give to doctor in Dwarf Village.

Cry Baby:
Use Mysterious Mushroom in front of sad door in Haunted Mansion.

Red Hidden Powers:
Get enough experience and you can get the Jewel of Fire in the chimney of the Haunted
Mansion. You can then use the jewel to go through the straw wall in the room in the
Haunted Mansion.

Hide and Go Seek:
Find Yan and talk to him in six places. First, you find him in the building before
the Ol' Pond (you will only see his eyes). Then, you need to find him in the Leaf
Butterfly cage of Charity Square, to the left of the tall tree in the Jungle, behind
the Smile door of Stormy Mountain, and behind the straw wall in the Haunted Mansion
(these can be in any order). Finally, you need to find him in the Hidden Village.

I'm So Hungry:
Give this guy a lunch box.

When the Wind Dies Down:
Go in this door after you bag the Stormy pig

Leaf Butterflies:
You need to collect 29 from the 100 Flower Forest or the Jungle.

Food for Fuel:
Get wine from the town square in Baccus Village and give it to the man at the
Lumberjack Factory in the Village of Civilization.

The Mermaid's Singing Rock:
This event will clear after you win all three medals in the Motocross Course.

I Want a Bronze Medal:
Place between second and third places on the Motocross Course and go to the
Mermaid's Singing Rock.

I Want a Silver Medal:
Place between first and second places on the Motocross Course and go to the
Mermaid's Singing Rock.

What's a Funga?:
Give this man the Funga Drum you will get in the Jungle. You will acquire Molasses.

The Cute Witch:
She is in the door in the house in the Village of All Beginnings.

Let's Ride the Raft:
First, get the raft at the Lumberjack Factory in the Village of Civilization.
Then use the raft at the dock which is in front of the first pump rock at Old
Tree Hill.

What's This?:
Hit the very bottom of the Watch Tower with a weapon - then return later after you
turn on the power in
the Iron Factory in the Village of Civilization.

Tree of Knowledge Knows:
Talk to the tree after you have completed "Pump Rocks".

Delicious Knowledge Fruit:
Get the fruit from the tree on Old Tree Hill and give it to the doctor in Dwarf

Seaweed for Your Health:
Get seaweed from the beach and give it to the doctor in Dwarf Village.

A Man's Best Friend:
This will clear after you give the doctor in dwarf village the healing hearbs and the
knowledge fruit.

Baron's Strength:
This will clear after you complete "Seaweed for Your Health".

Tears from a Flower:
After completing "I Need a Tear Bottle", use the
Rise and Shine Powder and the tear bottle by the
yellow flower in the background that has not bloomed
(it is down and to the left in the Mushroom Forest).

What the Witch Lost:
Give Mizuno the witch the three crystal balls (See
"Lost and Found") and the dirty mirror.

Lost and Found:
Find the witches three crystal balls.
1. On top of the entrance to the watchtower area.
2. In Wobbly Wharf.
3. To the left of the entrance to the Leaf Slider.

A Magic Mirror?:
At the top of the watchtower area, push the rock off a
ledge to the left. You will aquire the dirty mirror.

Let's Make Candy:
Get all the ingredients Mizuno tells you and give them
to her (You can find all of the ingredients in the
Underground Maze.)

The Famous Digger:
He is in Stormy Mountain. Go back and talk to him after
the Stormy Mountain Pig is bagged.

Power-Up for Tools:
This event will clear after the witch makes you a
Grapplejack. She will make it after you give her what
she lost (Crystal Balls and Dirty Mirror.)

Take Two of These:
Get cold medicine from a Ten-Thousand Year Old Chest in the
Underground Maze. Give it to Mizuno after she sneezes.
She will give you a Vitality Max +1.

Underground Treasure:
Open the One Million Year Old chest in the Underground Maze.

Some Cheese Please:
Get Ten slices of cheese and give them to the guy in
Baccus Village.

Blue Hidden Powers:
Get enough Blue Experience, then go to get the
Jewel of Water in Trick Village.

The Five Golden Items:
Give all of these to the Ten Thousand Year Old
Man and you will get The Psychic Fish.
1. A Gold Fruit from a Guy in Baccus Village.
2. A Gold Medal from winning the Motorcross.
3. A Gold Candy >from Mizuno.
4. A Golden Leaf Butterfly from the Hidden Village.
5. A Golden Flower for Dwarf Village.

Mighty Fish Food:
Use it in the water at the end of The Jungle to get
maximum Blue Experience. Use it in the Ol' Pond to
get maximum Red Experience. Use it in the pool where
the Mermaid was in the Haunted Castle to get Maximum
Green experience.

The Blue Fortune Teller:
He is in a hut just past where you use the wire in the
Underground Maze.

The Pump Rocks:
Step on all of the green accordion-like things.

Green Hidden Powers:
Get enough green experience and you can get the Jewel of
Wind which is to the right of the Phoenix's Nest.

Something's Cooking:
Walk into the fire in the 100 Flower Forest. This will
hurt you but give you AP. Then fill your bucket with
three water drops from the watchtower area. Use the
bucket on the fire in the forest. You will acquire a
Yam which you give to the lady in Dwarf Village who hid
something special in the Forest. She will give you Vitality
Max +1.

Biting Plant Flower:
Give this to Mizuno.

Take Out:
This will clear after Yan takes his lunch from you when
you see him in the Leaf Butterfly cage.

The Troubled Thief:
He is up and to the left in the Lava Caves. What he lost
is near the entrance to the Hidden Village.

What the Thief Forgot:
Go back to where you saw the Thief in the Lava Caves and
get what he forgot. Then give it to him in the chimney
in the Haunted Mansion.

The Boss's Treasure:
After completing "the last two" talk to the thief's boss
in the Haunted Mansion. You will acquire The Bosses Jewel,
which seems to be just an ornament.

I Want a Gold Medal:
This will clear after you finish the Motorcross faster
than the 1st Place record time.

Where the Barrel Rolls:
Use your weapon to knock the spikes off of the barrel in
Wobbly Wharf. Then, push it into the water. After you
have learned how to dive, swim down into the water where
it fell.

Peach Flower Gas:
Get a pig to go under one of the flowers in the Village
of All Beginnings. Jump on the flower to get gas to come
out. The pig will turn into a baby pig which you give to
the guy in Baccus Village.

The Flower Tower:
It will appear after you fix the broken fountain.
You have to have enough AP to get in. You will acquire
the Sacred Fish.


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