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  Summoner 2 -playstation Cheats
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Infinite Gold
In Mas Ora's district of The Munari City, go to the first
building on your left. Give the man there a loan of 1000
gold and he will give you a Bodril. Return here later in
the game and he will offer to pay you back. Instead, tell
him that you want to buy the Bodril for 5000 gold.
Reply ''no'' to all of his other questions, and you'll
get more gold every time. Leave the area, and he'll disappear.

Extra Experience
Enter Miridian's Pass after beating Sepulchre and follow
the right-hand wall. You will find a trail that leads up
into the mountains to a statue called ''The White Lady''.
Equip Sangaril with a crossbow and enter first person view.
Aim at the coloured gongs in a specific order to raise the
bridge up to the statue. Once there, you will get 15000
experience points.
Shoot the gongs in this order:
First bridge - red, yellow, blue
Second bridge - orange, green, yellow, red
Third bridge - blue, orange, red, yellow, green


 Posted by EviTa on October 20, 2004 (1353 reads)  (  Discuss about Summoner 2 in our forum)




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