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  Silpheed - The Lost Planet -playstation Cheats
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All weapons:
Enter "GLOIRE" as a name to begin stage 1 with all nine
weapons available. For the Japanese version of the game,
enter "XACALITE" as a name

Start Game with All Nine Weapons (JP Version):
Enter ''XACALITE'' as your code name to begin Stage 1 with
all nine weapons available.

Napalm bombs:
Most levels and Bosses can be defeated in under three minute
with the Napalm Bombs. While the range of these bombs is
limited, the amount of damage they do is larger that any
other weapon in the game. Get very close to the enemy and
always stay to the right or left of the place where the
Bosses are shooting. Remember when Napalm Bombs explode,
many things around them are damaged, not just where you
see the explosion. Note: Be more concerned about dodging
shots than shooting the enemy -- as soon as your health
is gone, it is gone.

Unlimited Weapons (NTSC-NA):
When starting a new game, enter your name as GLOIRE


 Posted by nitRoX on October 20, 2004 (1309 reads)  (  Discuss about Silpheed - The Lost Planet in our forum)




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