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  Sega Bass Fishing Duel -playstation Cheats
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Bonus lures
Select tournament mode and catch the largest fish of the day
to unlock additional lures.

Guessing a fish's weight
Watch as you are reeling in a fish. If it does not take long to
reel it in, and it comes in very easy without any line tension,
it will be a small one. If the tension bar remains at yellow for
a long period of time it will be an average size fish. For a huge
fish, if the tension bar goes red do not reel it in immediately.
Make circular motions with the Analog-stick and the fish will
tire as you reel it in.


 Posted by Midnight Killer on October 20, 2004 (998 reads)  (  Discuss about Sega Bass Fishing Duel in our forum)




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