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  Rippin' Riders -Dreamcast Cheats
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Practice Course:
Beat all 5 standard tracks to get this course.

Secret Force Track:
Break the record on all 5 standard tracks.

Clean Pause Screen:
Pause and then press X and Y.

All tracks:
Select two player mode and begin a game. Quit the game,
select free ride mode, complete the first course, then quit
the game. Return to two player mode and begin a game.
The "Next Course" option will be available after each race,
including access to the special track after the credit track.

Hidden snowboards:
Get the top score for each track to unlock new snowboards.
There are a total of eightee snowboards in the game.

Play as Gray:
Successfully complete the Secret Force track.

Play as Snowman:
Successfully complete the Cool Boarders 2 practice track with
the high score.

Longer super pipe:
Break various records in the super pipe.

Secret Force track:
Successfully complete all five standard tracks with the high score.

Cool Boarders 2 practice track:
Successfully complete all five standard tracks (Mountain Review,
Emerald Forest, Urban Striker, Cave Slider, and Dancing Devils).

Alternate clothing:
Successfully complete the game with any character to unlock an
additional set of clothing for that character.


 Posted by EviTa on October 20, 2004 (1363 reads)  (  Discuss about Rippin' Riders in our forum)




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