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  Project Justice -Dreamcast Cheats
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Extra Students
This is for the North American version only.

Everytime you beat the game in Story Mode you'll
unlock an extra student for use in any mode but Arcade.
It doesn't matter what school you use to beat the game,
you just need to beat it to the credits in Story Mode.
After you get John, no more extra students will be avaliable

Hidden costumes
- This only works for Hinata, Shoma and Boman.

On the character select screen go to either Boman, Hinata
or Shoma, whoever you want to play as. Hold START and select
them with Y, B, X or Y button (If you try to make different
colors by pressing A+B for example, it won't work) Hinata
wears the same outfit except she has sleeves, Boman has no
shirt and Shoma wears a jersey kind of shirt.

Play as Burning Batsu
Enter story mode and select Taiyo Gakuen. Intentionally have
Batsu lose one round to Akira, Yurika, or Zaki. Iincyo will
replace Batsu after the match. Burning Batsu will appear when
fighting Vatsu.

Play as Powered Akira
Enter story mode and select Seijyun Syogakuen. Defeat Wild
Daigo without using a team up technique.

Play as Roy Bromwell and Tiffany Rose
Successfully complete story mode with Pacific High School.

Play as Vatsu
Successfully complete story mode with Gorin Koukou.

Play as Wild Daigo
Successfully complete story mode with Gedo Koukou.

Play as Hyo Imawano and Dark Side Student Council
Successfully complete story mode with all the normal schools.
Hyo will be unlocked in arcade free mode, versus mode, and
training mode and the Dark Side Student Council will be unlocked
in story mode.

Play as Kurow
Successfully complete story mode with the Dark Side Student Council.

Play as Demon Hyo
Successfully complete story mode with all schools and endings.


 Posted by TorZo on October 20, 2004 (1483 reads)  (  Discuss about Project Justice in our forum)




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