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  Wave Race Blue Storm -Gamecube Cheats
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In-game reset
Hold X + B + Start during game play.

Ride a Dolphin
Enter DLPHNMOD as a password.

Alternate Costumes
At the character selection screen, highlight a character
and press the Z button.

Free Turbo Boosts
On both the Ethnic Lagoon and Aspen Lake tracks, there are small
ramps near the lap marker on the the left-hand side of the track.
Jump the ramp and you'll be given a free turbo boost, regardless
of your turbo meter.

Messing With The Load Screen
While waiting for a track to load, when your on the screen
displaying the track name, mess around with the analog stick.
It has an effect on the water.

Messing With The Start Screen
When the Start logo appears on the Title Screen, move the left
analog stick around to move the Start logo around.

Try! Mode
Enter training mode and complete all training objectives under
the beginner and master settings to unlock the stunt course
variation of Dolphin Park in training mode

Turbo Start
To begin the race with full turbo, hit your accelerator as soon as
the starting light turns green.

Unlock All Weather Conditions (In Time Trail Mode)
In the Expert Championship, finish in the following positions to unlock
the corresponding conditions:
First Place: Unlock All Time Trail Weather Conditions for Expert Difficulty.
Second Place: Unlock All Time Trail Weather Conditions for Hard Difficulty.
Third Place: Unlock All Time Trail Weather Conditions for Normal Difficulty.

Unlock Hidden Tournament Password Option
At the Options Menu, press the following at the same time: X + Z + Start
This will open up a Password option. To compete in official Time Attack
Challenges, enter passwords here.

Unlock Secret Tracks
Complete Championship Mode on thefollowing settings to unlock the
corresponding tracks:
Cool Ocean: Beat Championship Mode on Normal setting.
Aqua Maze: Beat Championship Mode on Hard setting.
Victory Gate: Beat Championship Mode on Expert setting.

Time attack tournament mode
Press X + Z + Start at the options menu to unlock the "Password"
selection. Passwords for various time attack tournaments may now
be entered.

Lost Temple Lagoon time attack track
Enter LQ3TRKTE as a password to unlock this track under time
attack mode. Note: Enter J784WMHF as a password in the Japanese
version of the game.

La Razza Canal time attack track
Enter MJV8LKL6 as a password to unlock this track in hard under
time attack mode.

Dolphin Park stunt track
Enter KTUPWNPD as a password to unlock this track in normal under
stunt mode. Enter 463YWNX3 as a password in the Japanese version
of the game.

Southern Island stunt track
Enter WCX5WP5A as a password to unlock this track under stunt

It is possible to do a Double Backflip on this track. Immediately
press A when the light turns green and use your turbo just before
the ramp starts. Note: This trick is very hard to accomplish.

Expert Championship tournament
Enter AJXY8P53 as a password to unlock a expert championship
tournament on seven tracks.

Ride a Dolphin
Enter DLPHNMOD as a password to ride on the back of a dolphin in
free run mode. You can still perform tricks on the dolphin, but
you can only do backflips and barrel rolls.

Control loading screen
Press the Left Analog-stick while a track loads to control the

Control title screen
Press the Left Analog-stick when "Start" appears on the title
screen to move it on the water.

Press the Z at the title screen to change the start button into a
magnifying lens. Press Z again to change it back.

Control replay
Use the Right Analog-stick during a replay to control the view.
Press Right Analog-stick Up to change camera angles.. Right Analog-
stick Right to pan the camera around your character. Press Right
Analog-stick Down to bring the view to water level. Press Right
Analog-stick Left to switch to a first person view.

Alternate visualizations
Go to the options screen then select the audio settings. Press Z
to change visualizations.

Alternate costumes
Highlight a racer and press Z at the character selection screen.

Ghost rider
If you want to make the rider appear as a ghost, press C-stick Up.
Press C-stick Down to return to normal.

Arctic Bay track
Successfully complete the game in championship mode under the
normal difficulty setting. Note: This track is named Cool Ocean in
the Japanese version of the game.

La Razza Canal track
Successfully complete the game in championship mode under the
advanced difficulty setting. Note: This track is named Aqua Maze
in the Japanese version of the game.

Strongwater Keep track
Successfully complete the game in championship mode under the
expert difficulty setting. Note: This track is named Victory Gate
in the Japanese version of the game.

Successfully complete the Expert Championship in first, second, or
third place to respectively unlock the weather conditions in Time
Trial mode under the expert, advanced, or normal difficulties.

Trial mode
Successfully complete tutorial mode under the beginner and master
difficulty settings to unlock the "Trial" option on the tutorial

Quick start
Press A immediately before "Go" is announced and the light turns

Double Backflip
Go to a big ramp and charge it while holding B. Then, enable your
turbo, do the backflip, and hold it.

180 or better
Hold Left or Right off a ramp. You can also go to the secret area
in Dolphin Park. Charge the wave with turbo and hold Down. Pull
back to get some hang time then hold Left or Right.

Triple Backflip
Note: This is a sort of glitch so it will not work all of the
time. It works off your landing. If you land hard enough at the
correct angle, the upward buoyant force of the water on the Jet
Ski will cause you to do a third Backflip. Go to free roam mode
and then highlight either Nigel Carver or Serena Del Mar. Press Z
and move the first green dot three slots away from the
acceleration side. Then, move the second green dot one slot away
from the tight side. Press A and go to Dolphin Park. Once there,
go moderately fast (about 105km/h) and hit a double sided jump.
Then, do a Double Backflip (follow the Double Backflip hint, but
do not hold B) but keep holding Back. If you are lucky, when you
land you will do sort of a bounce and do another flip. Release
after your first flip or else you will fall. It is possible to do
two extra flips in a row (four flips total).

Turn while on a ramp. While you are turning, try to do a back flip
at the same time.

Arctic Bay: Shortcut
After passing three icebergs and the long right turn, before the
ramp, at around 2 o'clock you will se a discoloration in the
mountain side. Run into that discoloration and it will open up the
underground penguin lair. Bear right and you will see a reunion
with all the penguins and a ramp. There are two shortcut options.
Either go onto that ramp and dive, which uncovers one shortcut; or
go straight, which uncovers a different shortcut.

Dolphin Park: Hidden area
In free roam mode, aim for the island in the background when you
first start. Just before you hit the "out of bounds" markers, hit
the turbo. If done correctly, you will see a second area. Head for
that area and when you can hit the turbo a second time, do so to
reach it. This may require more than one attempt. This new area
has monster waves that you can do any trick on.

Note: Choose a character that has an even, but high, acceleration
and top speed.

Dolphin Park: Jump over small cave
In free roam mode, go to the small cave "hallway". Stop at the
little ramp. Go forward to the last ramp of the set of three that
is lined up. Move and hold B until you hit turbo. This should be
between the first and second ramps. Then, you pull back on the
Analog-stick and you will jump and ride on it as if you were doing
a little wheelie.

Dolphin Park: Jump over archway
Select free roam mode. Choose Nigel Carver and press Z. Put the
first green dot three spaces away from acceleration. Then, move
down and put the second green dot one space away from tight. Then,
press A. And then select Nigel Carver. Once you have done that, go
to Dolphin Park. Go near the three jumps that are near you when
you first start. Go over by the piers and do a 180. Next, start
driving towards the farthest jump, holding B the entire time. When
you get about three quarters of a second away from the jump, press
Z and while holding B try to do a Backflip (Up, Down). If done
correctly, you should land on or jump completely over the archway.

La Razza Canal: Shortcut
Select a character in free roam mode and go to La Razza Canal.
From the starting line, go straight then take a right. Next, turn
left, then right, then make a U-turn. Once you get out of the
narrow alleyway go straight. You will then turn left, go under the
two bridges, and go straight. Next, take a U-turn to the right.
There will now be two ways to go. Take the left way and go through
an alleyway. Take a right and you will see a set of doors. Break
through them. There should be a turn and then a ramp. Do not be
surprised if you use a turbo.

Lost Temple Lagoon: Shortcut
Towards the end of the track, as you are on the big turn, is a big
brick wall. Run into the wall with your Jet Ski and it will break,
giving you an advantage on the race. You can do this in any game

Ocean City Harbor: Shortcut
After the third jump (ramp), immediately before the fourth jump
make a sharp right so that you can see a red gate guarding a
tunnel. Go through the gate, which opens a very nice shortcut.

Southern Island: Shortcut
After the shipwreck there is a wall to the left. In the middle of
the wall is a hole. Dive to break the bars on the hole and go
through it.

Strongwater Keep: Shortcut
On the second lap after the seventh or so buoy a gate will open up
as you pass by. Dart into it, follow the short tunnel, then break
the glass at the other end to get out.

After the large jump over the rocks, follow the right wall and
find the patch of different colored wall, Break through it to
reveal a tight S-curve short cut. Note: You will miss three buoys
by taking this shortcut.

Free roam: Buoys
Select free roam mode and choose the Fatty and the Dolphin Park
track. Go towards the mountain and you will see a ring of buoys.
You may need someone fast, as it as hard to get to.


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