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  UFC Throwdown -Gamecube Cheats
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Unlock Characters
Win the Gold & Silver belts in the following divisions to
unlock more characters:

Division Character
Lightweight Dana White
Middleweight Bruce Buffer
Welterweight Lorenzo Fertitta
Light heavyweight Mario Yamasaki
Heavyweight John Mccarthy

Unlock Styles
Complete a career in the following fighters to unlock
more styles:

Style Fighter
Karate Sumo
Nin-Jitsu Karate
Kung-Fu Kickboxer

Card girl
Win the Silver belts with all of the default fighters.

Tank Abbot
Successfully complete the game as Dan Severn to unlock Tank Abbot.

Gold belt
Win the Silver belt with a character, then enter UFC mode. Select
the Free Weight option, then select the character with the Silver
belt. Complete UFC mode again to win the Gold belt.

Bonus moves
Accomplish one of the following tasks to unlock another move:

Complete UFC mode and get the Silver belt.
Complete UFC mode in the Open Weight class and get the Gold belt.
Complete the game in Arcade mode.
Complete the game in Tournament mode.


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