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  True Crime - Streets of LA -Gamecube Cheats
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Pause Menu Button Codes
Enter these while on the pause menu:

Left, Right, Left, Right, A - All Driving Skills Unlockes
Up, Down, Up, Down, A - All Fighitng Skills Unlocked
Right, Left, Right, Left, A - All Gunplay Skills Unlocked
Down, Down, Down, A - Bigger Car (must be in car before you
enter it on the pause menu)
A, X, B, Y - Shows Nick Kang's Current Location

Special FMV Extra:
Beat the game with all of the three endings

Change Nick Kang Into:
Create a license plate with any one of the names listed
below to turn into a different character. Before confirming
the name make sure that OK is lighted then hold L + R then
confirm your plate name.

HAWG Become a biker:
JASS Become a blindfolded, sado-machoism donkey smoking a cigarette
PHAM Become a butcher that is asian
M1K3 Become a commando
BRUZ Become a famous boxer
B00B Become a female punk
TATS Become a female with a tatoo on every part of her body
MRFU Become a gambling asian
TFAN Become a gangster
MNKY Become a male punk
J1MM Become a nasty corpse
P1MP Become a pimp
FATT Become a police officer with a higher rank
5WAT Become a S.W.A.T. team member
B00Z Become a street bum
HARA Become a working female asian
FUZZ Become Johnson the police officer
B1G1 Become your female boss
ROSA Become your partner
HURT_M3 Become your partner but in lingerie this time

Special FMV Extra:
Beat the game with all of the three endings


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