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  Star Fox Adventures -Gamecube Cheats
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Cheat mode:
In the shop and several other places around Dinosaur
Plant are wells that ask you to feed them Scarabs.
Feed them twenty Scarabs and you will get a Cheat Token.
Go to the Warp Stone Guardian (the large stone guardian)
and enter the maze. It will take some wandering before
you find a well inside. Open your inventory, highlight
a Cheat Token, then press A. This will unlock a cheat
or give you a hint. To activate the cheats, save the
game, return to the main menu, and select "Options".

Avoid Damage from Falls:
Press X as you're about to hit the ground. You should
roll and not take damage.

All maps cheaper:
Go to the store and purchase each map. He will tell you
how much they are, but sometimes you can lower the price
and get them for less along with the rest of the items
he sells.

Free Bomb Spores:
Find a full grown Bomb Spore shoot it with the staff's
fire power-up to get three Bomb Spore Seeds.


 Posted by BlacK Dragon on October 20, 2004 (863 reads)  (  Discuss about Star Fox Adventures in our forum)




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