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  Spyro - Enter The Dragonfly -Gamecube Cheats
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Brother Doug's Ice Hill Slide: More time
Get to the part where you can go off a big ramp. Instead of going
to the ramp as usual, take a left. If done correctly, you should
have some time to spare, and you will win a Dragonfly.

Dragon Realm: Unlimited lives
In the Dragon Realm (the one with the Dragon Spirit) go towards
the Dragon Dojo. There will be three sheep. Kill them, then go
across the river and kill the three sheep there. Then, return and
kill the first set of three sheep. Keep doing this until you get
the desired amount of lives.

Jurassic Jungle: Monkey puzzle
After talking to the initial professor at the start of the level,
eliminate whatever is around and cross the lava chasm. Get rid of
another Dino after safely getting to the other side, do what needs
to be done (i.e. collecting gems and such) and enter the temple.
Watch out -- once inside the temple, to your right, there is
another Dino. He will zap you if you do not notice him. After
getting rid of him, cross the lava using the round pads. You will
then see another professor. Talk to him and learn what he has to
say. After he is done babbling, enter the room with the big monkey
at the far middle containing a dragonfly in its chest, and five
smaller monkey statues (two on the left, three on the right, each
with a different color gem). Eliminate what is around, and pause
game play to take in the area. Look to the walls for guidance for
the puzzle. Glame the different gems in this order: Red, Green,
Blue, Purple, Yellow. This will release the dragonfly. Note: It is
easier to freeze everything except the chameleons in the level --
just freeze and charge.

Jurassic Jungle: Crash Team Racing reference
Talk to the professor in front of the room containing the statues
with the gems at their pedestals. Talk to him again and he will
say something similar to "Needs more speed, maybe I should add N.
Oxide." N. Oxide is the final Boss in Crash Team Racing.

Thieves' Den: Easy speedway win
In the racing part of the speedway; in order to beat the last
thief you will need to pass through the star located on the left
side of the lighthouse, at the end of the lap. Hitting all or most
of the stars will increase your chances.

Speedways: Easy win
When racing in the speedways, if you get into third place, you can
no longer flame or rocket the last two competitors or your
position will stay the same. Instead, find as many warp stars as
you can, stay with the red dots, and complete the challenge.

Oliver and Nathan: Get through gate
To get through the gate with the lightning bolt on the lock, ram
into the lock and you will get on the other side.

Get through fence
You do not need Ice Breath to get to the other side of the fence.
Just charge through the lock and you will be on the other side.

Entering electric door
When trying to get into the electric door in the first world you
do not need the electric breath. All you have to do is charge into
the electricity sign.

Extra lives
Every eight butterflies that Sparx eats will gain you an extra

Approach a dragonfly slowly so that it does not fly away from you.
It still will run away -- try a jump spin move.

Upside down gems
Flame a chest or char a vase. If done correctly, will have upside
down or sideways gems.


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