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  Resident Evil 3 -Gamecube Cheats
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Mercenary mode
Successfully complete the game one time to unlock mercenary mode
and save the "Next Game" file. Start a new game, choose that saved
game, then select mercenary mode. This mode involves controlling
Carlos, Mikhal, or Nikoli from the train to the starting room with
a two minute timer. Killing the various opponents and rescuing
civilians during the journey will add more time to the clock. A
rank and money will be awarded after the game is completed. The
money can be used to purchase better weapons for the next
mercenary mode game.

Alternate costumes
Successfully complete the game under the easy and difficulty
settings with any rank better than F to unlock new costumes for
Jill in the Boutique.

Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting
to unlock Epilogues. Epilogues are a short diary description of
each character in the entire Resident Evil series which describes
what happened with that specific person after their adventure.
Getting better ratings can unlock the other epilogues. There are
eight total Epilogues that can be unlocked.

Operation Mad Jackal option
Successfully complete the game under any difficult setting.

Jill's diary
To get Jill's Diary (a file), collect all thirty files in the game
in order. Then the first file (Instructions Manual, blue) will
become Jill's Diary.

Barry Burton ending
The only way to see Barry is if ending B is unlocked. To get this
ending, jump off the bridge when fighting Nemesis Type B. After
the jump off decision, the final area of the game will take a
somewhat different path. You will have to fight off Nicholai in a
chopper. It is recommended that you bring a Magnum and Grenade
Launcher (or Rocket Launcher if it has been found). You can also
choose to negotiate with him.

Barry Burton ending 2
Jump off the bridge. Play until you reach the room with the Radar
Tracker. Take it, and try to leave the room using the door you
entered. Nicholai will call you. After killing him, Carlos will
enter. After talking with him, leave the room (do not use the
hatch to the Rail Cannon). Turn around and get in the radar device
room again. Carlos and Jill will listen to a radio call from Barry
and the game will continue with the final scenes.

Enhanced Weapons/Ammo
You can only create enhanced ammo while playing under the hard
difficulty setting. When creating ammo with the reloading tool,
save enough gunpowder to mix up the same type of ammo eight times.
On the eighth time, the game will prompt "Do you want to create
the enhanced ammo?". Select "Yes". This ammo is more powerful, may
have slightly different effects, and once loaded into a weapon
will change it into an "enhanced weapon". You can only create two
types of enhanced ammo: 9mm handgun bullets and shot gun shells.
The only different effects the new bullets have is that they are
far more powerful.

Saving A.R. ammunition
When you are low on ammunition, go to a nearby storage system and
take out A.S. rounds. Combine it with the A.R. and put the rounds
back into storage. You will be restored and still have space for
more items.

Saving shotgun ammunition
Wait for a zombie to get close, then aim up and you will shoot him
in the head, killing him with one shot.

Wait for two zombies to line up close to each other. Then, aim up
and fire to shoot both their heads off. Note: This may require
some practice.

Sneak past monsters
If you can walk behind a monster, keep tapping Run quickly. Jill
will not make any sound of footsteps and seems to "glide". The
monsters cannot hear you and subsequently will not turn around and
attack. Note: This works best with the Drain Deimos.

Additional slots
When you first get to the trolley, Carlos will give you a "fanny"
pack. After you finish the game, you will keep those additional
two slots in the game.

Starting the trolley
The oil additive needed to start the trolley is located in a
locked store room inside the sales office. To unlock it, pick up
the flashy remote on a desk to turn on a TV. You will see a
commercial about some product from Ubrella Corp. Make note of that
product (Safsprin, Adravil, Aquacure, etc.). Go to the nearby
computer where Carlos just shot his zombied friend. You will be
prompted for a password. Type in the name of the product to
unlocked the storeroom.

Fighting Nemesis
The Nemesis is left-handed and uses that hand to grab you. When
fighting him, shoot him two times and run past his right side.
Shoot twice and repeat the process. Note: This only works when he
does not have his Rocket Launcher and if you are using the

Nemesis Type 2 in mercenary mode and 220 second bonus
Get to the parking garage, then exit out of the door. If you still
have over two minutes left, run to the end of the bus and you will
see Nemisis Type 2. He will jump down and come after you. You can
run around him to avoid his attacks and save ammo or you can kill
him for 220 seconds. Note: This trick best works with Mikhail

Kill regular Nemesis for 60 seconds of bonus time
Knocking him down the first time is worth a 20 second bonus.
Knocking him down a second time will cause him to look dead with a
pool of blood around him and is worth a 40 second bonus.

Destroy Nemesis' Rocket Launcher
This trick requires a large number of health items and first aid
sprays. When you fight the Nemesis with the Rocket Launcher, aim
up. If he targets you, run and try to make him waste ammunition.
After four to seven shots from him, he will reload, but the rocket
launcher will turn red and explode.

When you hear the reload sound he makes with his launcher and he
aims at you, shoot him when he is about to shoot you. Almost
always, the launcher will backfire and explode.

Loose parts from Nemesis
Whenever you kill Nemesis in Hard Mode, you can always pick up a
package that he drops, containing gun parts. Once these are
assembled, they form the Eagle 6.0 STI. This gun is more
convenient than the standard handgun. Once you get close to a
zombie, aim directly at its head and fire. If performed correctly,
you will shoot its head off just like what a magnum regularly
would, and it only consumes regular handgun bullets.

Help from Nemesis
When in Sub Station, after getting the fuse the game prompts for a
live selection. Do not do anything. You will have to kill all the
Zombies by yourself. When you get outside, a short intermission
sequence will happen. Zombies will attack you, and Nemesis will
blow them up with his rocket launcher. However, you are his next

Fighting a Doggie
Knock down a Doggie, then aim down and you can fire faster on it.
If you do not aim down, you have to wait until the Doggie stands

Humanoid sighting
When fighting the Nemesis for the last time in the Rail Gun Room,
you will see a figure in the background, similar to Nemesis.
Closely observe the creature to see that it is the Humanoid, or
the Mutated William Burken from Resident Evil 2. When you press
Action, Jill describes it as "One of Umbrella's New Biotech

Alternate meeting with Carlos
You can meet Carlos at the top floor of the newspaper building
instead of the restaurant when you first come out of the area
after you fought the first Licker. You will hear Carlos taking out
a few zombies. Ignore that and go to Jill's left. Enter the door
at that location. You will now be at the alley directly behind the
restaurant. From here, make your way to the newspaper office.
After meeting Carlos, Nemesis appears. You will get to make a
choice to "Jump out the window", or "Hide in the back". Note: To
get the green gem, go back to the restaurant and go down the
ladder. Then, check the police officer down there. He should have

Aqua Hunter caution as Carlos
When you gain control of Carlos, beware of the Aqua Hunters that
are in the Artificial Environment tank. When fighting them, keep
firing your weapon as much as possible. When they grab you, tap on
the buttons as much as you can or they will eat you whole.

The Worm
You actually do not have to fight the Worm the first time you meet
him, when you fall into the sewer. After he pops out of the wall
the first time, just run to your right and hit the first switch
(make sure the worm comes out of the wall). Then, run to the other
side of the sewer and hit the second switch (this one may be
difficult -- also make sure the worm comes out again). Then, press
the button for the ladder and you just saved yourself some life
and ammunition.

Defeating the Worm
Use the following trick to defeat the Worm without wasting good
ammunition. Walk slightly into the Worm's little section slowly
until the screen starts to shake and he appears. Back up to the
wall and shoot him with the handgun. If the worm does reach you,
which is not very often, Jill will usually dodge to the right.
Repeat until it is defeated. To defeat the second Worm, run around
for two minutes and try not to take damage. After that time, the
light pole will begin to spark. Use the handgun to shoot in the
direction of the two sparking poles and they will fall into a
puddle. Stand near (not in) the puddle, then wait for the worm to
go into the water and fry to death.

Custom shotgun
Play the game under the hard difficulty setting. Defeat Nemesis
for the fourth time and pick up the small silver box that he
dropped. It will contain M37 Parts A. Defeat Nemesis a fifth time
and get the M37 Parts B. Combine these two parts to get a western
custom shotgun with six rounds. This gun uses the standard 12
gauge shotgun shells.

Grenade Launcher or Magnum
Your timing will determine whether the Grenade Launcher or the
Magnum can be found at the S.T.A.R.S. Office. If you go to the
cabinet before the radio goes off, when you try to leave you will
get the Grenade Launcher. If you go to the cabinet after the radio
goes off you will get the Magnum. Whichever weapon is obtained,
the other will be found in the power plant.

Grenade Launcher
Use the S.T.A.R.S Card in the computer in the main entrance of the
Police Station. When you get the S.T.A.R.S Emblem Key, go to the
S.T.A.R.S Office. When you are in the office, go to the big locker
next to the out-of-commission message receiver. Open the locker
and you will get a Grenade Launcher.

There are two different ways to get the Grenade launcher. There is
one in the Sub-Station when the game is first played. The other is
available after the game has been completed once. Go to the
S.T.A.R.S. office and go were the Magnum gun was originally

Rocket launcher
In the dead factory, go to the machine next to the water sample
puzzle. Use the facility key where that game states a small
plastic card can be inserted. Take the other facility key that is
given and go to the steaming room where the small card activated
elevator is located .Go down and use the facility key on the door
where that game states a small plastic card can be inserted. You
will find a rocket launcher with four shots at this location.

STI Eagle handgun
Kill Nemesis two times under the hard difficulty setting to get
the two parts for it. Combine them to get the STI Eagle handgun.

Assault rifle with unlimited ammo (hard mode):
Kill Nemesis seven times in your first game and he will drop the
assault rifle. Kill him seven times in your second game he will
drop an infinite ammo case.

Conserve assault rifle ammunition
Set the mode to "Manual". Every time you shoot, only three rounds
will be used and the total percentage of ammo left will decrease
by about 1%. Use the assault rifle like this until you can fire it
without wasting large amounts of ammunition when it is set to

Killing multiple zombies with shotgun
You can easily blast off the heads of multiple zombies with a
shotgun. Get some zombies close together. Aim the shotgun up. Get
close to the zombies (but not too close). While the shotgun is
aimed up, and you are close, fire. Note: This works well for
Mikhail in the mercenaries mode.

Get vaccine
When playing as Carlos in the Hospital 4F, go to the unlocked
Sickroom and look at the corner where the movable cabinet is
located. Remember where it is. Read the note on the dead doctor's
hands in that room. Use the Sickroom Key on the next room over. In
that room, push the cabinet in the opposite corner of where the
cabinet in the previous room was found. For example, if the first
cabinet is in the upper left corner of the first sickroom, than
push the second cabinet into upper right corner of the second
sickroom. A painting in the room will slide, revealing a machine
holding the vaccine base. Enter the numbers that were on the dead
doctor's note in order to obtain the vaccine base.

Vaccine medium combination
One of the combinations when making the vaccine medium in the
hospital is I, III, and A.

Get the S.T.A.R.S. card faster
This trick allows you to get the S.T.A.R.S. card faster without
having to go further into the police station and wasting ammo for
Jill's card for the computer to get the password to the drawer
where the S.T.A.R.S. Room Key is located. After Brad is dead near
the entrance of the police station, you have choose between
fighting the monster or entering the police station. Choose to
fight the monster. When you do this, remember that Nemesis is left
handed. When he comes at you, run past his right side and you will
not get hurt. You should get near Brad's body so you can check it.
If completed; you can grab his card case and dodge Nemesis to
enter the doors of the police station. When inside, go into the
items menu and check on the card case to get his S.T.A.R.S. card.
You can use it on computer for the password for the S.T.A.R.S.
Room Key.

Killing Zombies quicker under the hard difficulty setting
If you are using shotgun rounds, wait until the zombie is directly
in front of you, then aim up to fire. This will blow their head
off, killing them immediately and save one round of shotgun ammo
per zombie. If you are using handgun rounds, carry your knife, and
only shoot them until they fall. Then, finish them off with the

Getting Mikhail to kill Zombies with the oil drum
Get everything except the oil, then go to the trolley. If you
destroyed the oil drum, Mikhail will throw a grenade killing the
zombies. But if you did not destroy the oil drum, Mikhail will
kick it towards the Zombies and shoot it with his gun, killing

Checking zombies
To tell if zombies are still active after they are hit, leave the
room. If the zombie is still on the floor, he is still active.

Walk back and forth in front of their head or enable the auto aim
feature and press Aim.

If you are not sure if a zombie or a dead body is present, look
for a shadow. If there is a shadow under the corpse, it is still
alive. When you see no shadow or when it lies in a pile of blood,
it is dead.

If you are not sure if a zombie is dead, walk up fairly close to
it (but not so close that they start chewing your ankles) and
simply back up. If the Zombie is alive, the character will do a
wary backup move instead of the standard backup done when there is
nothing there.

Walk past a zombie on the floor. If its head moves to watch you,
it is alive.

After you shoot a zombie a couple of times and he falls, check to
see if any blood comes from him.

Stranded zombie
After you put out the fire with the hose (where the first Cerebus
dogs appeared) go to the first alley ahead of you. Enter the door
and move up so the camera angle changes. To your left will be a
row of windows. Look in the first window to see a zombie cop. You
cannot shoot him, he cannot attack you, and there is no way into
the building that he is in.

Campaign sign
Go to the end of the hall with the save room behind the restaurant
to find political campaign signs. Look closely to will see a sign
that says "OTOM for U...S Senat".

Locker combination
When entering the Police Station and going into the door in the
top left corner, you will reach a room with zombies. After killing
them, enter the next room, which contains the lockers. Go to the
other side to find a locker with a light on it. The game will
prompt for a code. The code (varies by game) is either "0131",
"0513", "4011", or "4312".

Park fountain solution
When using the water control unit in Raccoon Park to drain the
fountain, you have to align the gray and black gears. The gears
need to be moved in the following order to correctly align them
and drain the fountain. Move the bottom left black gear up. Move
the top center gray gear down. Move the top right gray gear to the
left. Move the bottom right black gear up. Move the top center
gray gear down. Move the top left black gear to the right.

Water sample solution
When using the water sample machine in the abandoned Waste
Processing Plant (Dead Factory), you have align the three lines of
the water sample correctly to process the sample. There are four
possible solutions (varies by game): A: 4 Right, B: 2 Right, C: 2
Left. A: 1 Right, B: 1 Right, C: 2 Left. A: 1 Left, B: 2 Left, C:
2 Right. A: 1 Right, B: 3 Right, C: 4 Left. This will unlock half
of the lock to the door next to the elevator.

Oil truck from Resident Evil 2
When going to the trolley, look ahead as you climb the boxes. You
can see the truck that crashed in Resident Evil 2 in the opening

Tyrant from Resident Evil 2
In the room where you fight Nemesis for the last time (the missile
room), go to the wall behind the first battery. Tyrant from
Resident Evil 2 is caved into the wall. Jill will describe it as
"One of Umbrella's deadly bioweapons".

Mr. X from Resident Evil 2
At the end of the game, look closely when the rail gun is getting
ready to fire. You can see Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 under it.

Look around in the room with the rail gun to find Hunk on the
ground by the door you would exit through.

Mercenary mode: Nemesis Type 2 and 220 second bonus
Get to the parking garage, then exit out of the door. If you still
have over two minutes left, run to the end of the bus and you will
see Nemesis Type 2. He will jump down and come after you. You can
run around him to avoid his attacks and save ammo or you can kill
him for 220 seconds. Note: This trick best works with Mikhail.

Mercenary mode: Unlimited money and time
Get to the alley that has three dogs and a crate. Kill two of the
dogs get on the crate. Continuously dodge the remaining dog for a
time and money bonus for dodging.

Mercenary mode: Civilian locations
The civilians that must be saved in mercenaries mode may be found
at the following locations. Note: You must save them in this order
or some of them will die. Also, You must kill all the enemies in
the room with the civilians or they will not be saved.

1. Gas Station
2. Basement of the Restaurant
3. Third Floor of the Raccoon Press Office
4. Sub Station (where you got the fuse)
5. Sales Office
6. The Bar

Mercenary mode: Item box
Once you complete mercenary mode with each character and bought
all the weapons you can access the item box, but it only contains
a knife.

Mercenary mode: S rank
Get the combat knife, kill many monsters, rescue all civilians,
and do not use healing items. Then kill every monster with the
knife. You should end up with over an hour and some change.

Mercenary mode: 330 seconds
Go to the part of the mercenary mission with two Nemeses and take
out your knife. The Nemeses will kill each other, and you will
earn 330 seconds.

Mercenary mode: 78 second bonus
As any character, get to the branched zone, directly after the
Raven's nest, You will see a barrel with zombies nearing your
position. Just shoot the barrel -- it does not matter if you do
not kill all of them. However, the more you kill, the more time
you receive. This usually results in a 78 second bonus.

Mercenary mode: 44 second bonus
As Mikhail, go past the city grounds gate and towards the Raccoon
City Press. Before you reach the Press building, you will
encounter a swarm of zombies. Equip the shotgun and blast away
towards the densely occupied areas, thus resulting in a 44 second
bonus. If you blast more than that, you will get an additional 22
second bonus. Note: Do not use the 44 second bonus if you are low
on ammunition.

Mercenary mode: Larger reward
Try to reach the area near the goal (just after the dimly lit
hallway, near the intersection) with more than four minutes
remaining on the game clock. Two more of the STARS-killing Nemeses
will appear, both armed with makeshift rocket launchers!. This
achievement results in a larger reward from the Big Fat Boss.

Mercenary mode: Identity of the rewarder
The identity of the fat man who hands out the reward money in
mercenary mode is Brian Irons, the police chief. To confirm this,
look at his shirt.


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