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  Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 and 2 -Gamecube Cheats
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Dressing Room
To unlock the Dressing Room, complete all areas and quests under
the normal difficulty setting.

If you have 10,000 Meseta in your inventory, when you load your
character you will be allowed to enter the dressing room to change
your head (Android only), hair color, costume color, and more.
However, you cannot change the proportions or name of your

Hard difficulty setting
Successfully complete either episode under the normal difficulty
setting to unlock the hard difficulty setting for both episodes.
Note: Get to level 20 or higher to unlock the hard difficulty
setting in online mode.

Very hard difficulty setting
Successfully complete either episode under the hard difficulty
setting to unlock the very hard difficulty setting for both
episodes. Note: Get to level 40 or higher to unlock the very hard
difficulty setting in online mode.

Ultimate difficulty setting
Successfully complete either episode under the very hard
difficulty setting to unlock the ultimate difficulty setting for
both episodes. Note: Get to level 80 or higher to unlock the
ultimate difficulty setting in online mode.

FMV sequences
To view two FMV sequences (one when you create a character and one
new sequence), remain idle at the "Press Start" screen. After the
background pulses four times, one of the FMV sequences will start.

Control loading screen
While going online, move the Analog-stick or C-stick to move the
light around the screen. When entering an area, move the Analog-
stick to turn the tunnel or the C-stick to change the tunnel's

When you are loading or leaving a quest, and the loading screen
has appeared (the strange atom), move the Analog-stick to slowly
move the atom or press A to change its color.

Chair in Lobby
Hold X and press A while standing in the lobby to create a chair
that matches your character. Press A to move forwards or use the
Analog-stick to turn. Press B to get rid of the chair.

Avoid walking near traps and enemies
Normally, you cannot run when near a trap or enemy. To avoid this,
press Start to display the main menu. You may now run again.

Avoid mine field damage
When in a level with a trap mine field, hold Start and run
through. You will not get hurt.

Fun with traps
If you hate waiting around for Rappys to get back up and you are
an Android, set a fire/explosion trap by them. Run to the other
side of the area. As soon as they get up to run, the trap will go
off and you can grab the items.

If you are being attacked by multiple enemies, herd them into a
group then run away from them. When you are about 10 to 15 feet
away from them, set a trap and turn back towards the enemy, so
that the trap is between you and the group. Fire a shot at the
trap to set it off (like the preset traps in most levels). The
effect of your trap will still go off, but you will have a bit
more control over it.

Slip through blocked and laser blocked doors
This trick requires a Saber, Brand, or no weapon at all. Go to a
corner of a blocked or a laser blocked door. Face the corner, then
start attacking. Keep doing this, and you will eventually slip
through the door. This trick is useful for getting to new places
early. Note: This trick is difficult to execute.

Ice break
When you are frozen by an enemy, trap, or Boss, move the Analog-
stick Up and Down, or Left to Right very rapidly to break free of
the ice. This works very well when fighting Bosses with Ice
Element attacks such as the Gol Dragon or Sil Dragon. This trick
also works in battle mode.

Unlimited number of MAGs
Note: At least two controllers are required for this trick. Make
multiple characters and enter cooperative mode. Have one character
drop his or her MAG and the other pick it up. Go back and recreate
the person who dropped the MAG and go through the process again
until you get as many as desired. Note: You can also do this for

Getting Al or Pal Rappies to appear
You must have access to the second tier of quests in order to do
this. Select the Fake In Yellow quest and go through the first
three areas with Rappies, killing them off. Once in the fourth
area with Rappies (where you meet the doctor in the Rappy costume
for the second time), there should be a huge amount of Rappies
dropping down. Drop a Telepipe and examine them all to see if any
of them is an Al (or a Pal under the ultimate difficulty setting)
Rappy. If not, enter the pipe to town then quickly return to the
area. The Rappies will drop again. Repeat this procedure until
eventually one of the normal Rappies turns out to be a rare Rappy.
It is recommended that you have the ability to use Ryuker when
doing this, as it is cheaper then going back and forward to pay
for Telepipes (350 each).

Before the room that you usually teleport to in Forest 1 without
the quests, there will be three Rag Rappies that drop down. If you
are level 13+, one of them can turn into an Al Rappy (a Blue Rag

Kireek's Soul Eater
You can do this only once per difficulty setting. To get Kireeks'
Soul Eater, you need to play "Dr. Osto's Research" quest. Then,
after you get the information at the end, talk to Sue. If she asks
your name, say "No". After you finish that quest, go to the
"Unsealed Door" quest. You will meet Sue again. Talk to her and
listen to what she says. Then, complete the quest. Next, go to the
Waterfall Tears. After defeating Anna, continue on to Cave 2 (same
quest) and you will eventually meet Kireek. He will greet you,
then you will have to fight him. After you defeat him, go to the
"Black Paper" quest where he will try a rematch in Cave 1 of this
quest. Note: You are in the dark in this battle. When you defeat
Kireek in that battle, you will meet him again in the "From the
Depths" quest. In that quest after you separate from Ash, go back
to Ruins 2 (in this quest) and go as far west you can. You will
confront Kireek for the final time. It is recommended that you
equip some armor, shields, units that can withstand
Dark/Draw/Shadow or whatever that weapon is made out of, or use
Razonde (or Zonde, if that is all you have). When you defeat him
you get to keep his weapon for your accomplishment.

Defeating Dubchics
Notice that they return to life. After killing a Dubchic, a brown
orb with yellow rings around it should fall to the ground
somewhere in that area. Destroy it and all the Dubchics will be

Defeating Garanz
When you are in Mine 2, you will probably encounter a Garanz. When
he shoots his missile, run behind him and he will eventually kill
himself. Note: You can get extra experience when this happens.

Defeating Gol Dragon
You should be about level 15 if you are a Hunter and have Resta,
an Autogun, and Monofluids to restore your MP. When starting the
fight, keep shooting at any part of his body. When he is up in the
air and is about to land, get away from him or the rising floor
will hurt you. His first attack on the ground should be an
elemental breath attack. It consists of a fire breath (the weakest
one), an ice breath which freezes you (the most dangerous as you
can easily die while you are frozen), and a lightning breath which
paralyzes you for a short while. When he does the breath attack,
walk towards him until you are under his attack and shoot at one
of his body parts. He should eventually take flight again. If he
starts spinning in the air, then he is using his elemental ball
attack. Like the breath, it consists of fire, ice (still the most
dangerous), and lightning. During this time, try to evade as many
as you can and heal if needed. After this, he will land again.
Keep repeating the previous steps until he roars and goes
underground. When he re-appears, there will be two of him.
Fortunately, one of them is a mirage but it can still hurt you.
You can tell if one is a mirage by killing it. When a mirage dies,
you will see a bluish flash and it will disappear. The mirages
also have a lot less HP. If you kill a mirage, the real one will
be by itself again. Just keep attacking and evading as best as you
can until it is dead.

Defeating Volt Opt
Volt Opt is more difficult than in the Dreamcast version of the
game. If you are an Android, you will get shorted about 8 out of
10 times that he shocks you in his first form. Kill the center
thing that hangs off the ceiling. Once that is down, shocks stop
occurring more often. Shoot Volt Opt in the monitors when you see
him. When the poles appear from the ground, find the red pole and
take it out. If not, you will get a nasty shock that could short
you out for awhile. Repeat these steps with 10 Monomates and 10
Dimates and you should be fine. Once his first form is done, he
will become a huge red robot and have multiple attacks (but no
more shocking). He usually starts by turning his missile pods
towards you, and fires them after three seconds. You can avoid the
missile by running around Volt Opt (get a 3-hit combo in before he
fires them, then run). He will then turn his laser sights on you.
Do another 3-hit combo and run. Keep running and when you hear him
powering up, he will drop a huge pole on you. He does this three
times. Yet again, you can avoid this by running. He will chase you
with the laser sights twice. After that, he will heal himself by
about 40. During this time, attack him heavily. He will then
switch over to his front and shoot a floating ball at you. Do not
stop running or you will be imprisoned in dirt wall while he
charges up to do his ultimate attack. If you get hit with this
ball in multi-player or online mode, call someone over to. They
can get you out by attacking the dirt walls. Repeat this to defeat
him and get good experience.

Cheap kills
If you are having trouble in a room, try running out of it and go
back in. Some monsters will probably go into a dormant mode and
allow you to get off a hit or two before they retaliate. This is
especially useful against Garanz.

Refill health
If you are a robot in the game, you can refill your health after
receiving damage from an enemy. Find a safe place to rest and
remain in that spot for a least a minute. Your health meter will
go up a little bit at a time.

Refill TP
If you are playing as a Froce or a Newman, you have the ability to
refill your TP. Find a safe place and wait for it to go up.

Fighting invisible enemies
Use the environment to help you. Enemies such as Sinow Zoa can
easily be spotted by their reflections on glass or water, as well
as the targeting system. However, that can be unreliable at times.

Dodging De Rol Le's Energy Balls
After De Rol Le has shot his timed mines onto the raft, go to the
upper right hand corner of the raft and face directly to the
corner at the edge. Do not move until De Rol Le is done with the
energy balls. This works about 80% of the time. If you are online,
this may not work because other players may do the same thing. It
only works if one person is in the corner.

Resta Dodge
If you time the technique Resta correctly, you can avoid almost
any attack. The trick is to just cast Resta before your enemy
attacks, but long enough that you can gain life; otherwise you
will just get hit.

Easy Meseta
This trick requires an empty file and two controllers. Create a
new file, give the character any name, face, color, etc. Return to
the player screen and select multi-player. Have the new person
drop the items. You should get 300 Meseta some Monomates,
Monofluid, and a Mag. Keep repeating this until you can buy the
item you want.

Easy level gain
If you want to gain some levels without much effort and are around
a 25 to 40 level range, try going the forest levels under the hard
difficulty setting. You can usually get about 8,000 experience
points from it.

Find someone who has played the game longer than you have. Ask
them if they can give you a high powered Mag. With this Mag, you
can start using weapons from the Ruins (if it is at a high enough
level). Also, you can join in a multi-player effort. If you are a
Ranger, you will have an easier time then a Hunter. When a
teammate has weakened a monster, aim and go for the kill shot. You
should move up levels easily.

Since Hunters are naturally stronger than Forces and Rangers, they
have an advantage. To gain levels quicker, defeat the Caves 3
boss. Hunters can use an effective Sword or Partisan against him
by hitting all of his parts. After that, talk to the Priciple and
go to Mines 1. You can now do a great deal of damage on the Mine 1
enemies. They are weak. The only three to watch out for are Sinow
Gold, Sinow Beat, and Granas. The basic enemies in the mines area
give about 15 to 22 experience points. By the time you get to
Mines 2, you should have already gained a couple of levels. Mines
2 also offer a great deal of experience.

Go to the Forest (under the hard, very hard, or ultimate
difficulty settings depending on your level). Enter a room which
has a Monest (or Mothvist in ultimate) and killall the Mosquitoes
without killing the nest. Once the nest stops spitting out
mosquitoes, return to town via Telepipe or Ryuker. Return. The
nest will spit out more mosquitoes. The experience given varies
depending on difficulty, but the ultimate mode mosquitoes give
about 230 experience points each.

Play in multi-player mode with a group of either high levels or
low levels. Play through the game as you would in solo mode. Many
of the monsters are harder to defeat, and you will get five points
extra experience per how many people are on your team. By the time
you complete the game you should be at level 20 or higher,
depending how many monsters you have killed. Note: When you make
it to hard mode, you will start finding special weapons earlier
because your luck points are being evaluated as a team and not
individually. Then, when you play in solo mode you will be able to
pass through it without problems.

Use a weapon that can confuse an enemy. Use it on a Honest and
when the little fly things appear, they will be confused and will
kill each other giving you the experience.

When you fight a Pofuilly Slime, use Barta or another Ice
technique on it. The enemy will duplicate into two. You can then
make a copy of the copy (you can only make one copy of the
original). You can create a total of six Pofuilly Slime. The
copies will give you double the experience of a normal one.

Weapons from monsters
If you obtain a special item such as G-Assassins Arms or Bomma's
Right Arm, go to the Unsealed Door mission. Talk to the person
standing to the right of the portal to the principal after all
missions are complete. He will turn your item into a weapon.

Finding rare weapons
The best place to find rare weapons are at the Dragon (Episode I)
under hard mode. You can find such weapons as Crush Bullets and
Musashis. Its recommended that you enter hard mode at level 30 or
high to be effective.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle reference
Do "The Fake In Yellow" quest. After speaking to the scientist for
the third time, go back and talk to the person who briefed you on
the mission. Do not get the Mesta. After talking to him, go back
through the portal. There will be three Rag Rappys that you can
talk to. Stand against the wall with the waterfall in the
background. Soon, a Chao will appear. After it talks to you, go
back to Pioneer 2. There will be a Game Boy Advance on a pole
where you can download games from a Game Boy Advance.

If you download the Chao Garden data and upload the Chao to the
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Chao Garden, you will get a rare Tails

Glitch: Blind enemies
In a level such as the Mines, are Sinow Beats and Golds. Try
walking against the wall of a room. If done correctly, the Sinow
will act as if you went out of the room and will warp back to
their starting point. You can then simply kill them from there,
and they will not attack.


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