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  ESPN MLS Extra Time 2002 -Gamecube Cheats
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Easy goals
This trick requires some practice. Choose a good team such
as D.C. United. When you first start off the match, use your
speed burst (R) and run. About two strides before the other
team's player, turn slightly and run at that angle.
After passing the player, turn forward again. Keep this going
until you pass the last defender and when you take your first
stride into the box, shoot.

Before you start your game, enter the "Option Select" menu
(after you choose your weather and stadium), and set the
"Golden Goal" to "Off". You should find it a lot easier
to score.

Less interceptions
Use a Through Pass during the game for less interceptions.
Try holding L while passing to make the Through Pass float.


 Posted by Gorila on October 20, 2004 (859 reads)  (  Discuss about ESPN MLS Extra Time 2002 in our forum)




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