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  Bomberman Generation -Gamecube Cheats
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Play as MAX in battle mode
Obtain all Lightning Cards in normal mode. Then while in battle
mode, press Z at the player selection screen to switch Bomberman
to MAX.

Play as Golden Bomber in battle mode
Win any match in battle mode then replay the same match without
changing any other options (except for the stage, if desired).
You will play as Golden Bomber during the replay.

Group A/B options
Complete the game in normal mode once to unlock the "Group A/B"
option at the stage selection screen in battle mode. Press Up or
Down to toggle between Group A and Group B. Group A gives you
access to the basic power-ups during standard battle mode matches,
while Group B gives you access to the more advanced power-ups.
Note: The traps of most of the stages change when you select
Group B.

Mini-game option
Collect all the Charaboms including the last one in level 5-3,
to unlock the "Mini Game" option at the main menu.

Change view in battle mode
This trick works for any battle game mode. Immediately before the
battle game starts, when "Ready" appears, use the C-stick to change
the angle of the field. You cannot do this after the game starts.

Easy kills in battle mode
This trick requires PK Bomber to be enabled. After winning the set
number of matches, obtain the Power Glove (icon with the blue glove)
from the soccer mini-game. Enter a level where the Bombermen start
out on the four corners of the map. When the battle begins use the
Power Glove to throw a bomb over the edge of the stage. The bomb
will land directly where the other bomber started and most of the
time trap them only about five seconds into the map. Note: This
trick will not work if there are spaces for the bomber to hide
behind or if the bomber stands in place at the start of the stage.
allowing the bomb to bounce over his head.

Go to standard battle in multi-player mode and get a Full Fire,
Bombkick, and Bomb Controller. Kick the bomb and wait until it
gets to a place where you can press B and easily defeat a player.
Get out of the way of the bomb first.

Defeating the final Boss
You need the Light Bomb and Water Bomb. When the Boss is not solid,
throw a Light Bomb at it. If you throw a Light Bomb at one of the
bomb elements when it is not solid, it will not damage the boss.
Use a large Water Bomb and throw it at the ring of fire that
surrounds the Boss. Then, use a large Water Bomb to attack him.
He will remain solid after he is surrounded by the fire.

Defeating the three-headed bird
Use the following trick to defeat the three-headed bird in Area
5-4. Instead of using Light, Fire, Wind, or Ice Bombs, use large
Water Bombs, since fire is weak against water. His attacks are slow
so they are easily avoidable. After you defeat him, you will receive
a Purple Bomb element.

Keep items
When you die in the normal game, do not continue, Either way, you
will start over at the beginning of the level. If you continue, you
will start with level 1 fire, bombs, and speed. If you do not
continue and just reload your file, you can keep the current levels
of your fire, bombs, and speed before you started the level.

Red Skull Bomb
Go into the Battle game and choose standard mode. When you get to
the stage selection screen, make the yellow glove appear in the game.
Select any stages. Then, you have to get it in the game. Use any bomb
then pick it up and hold it by holding A (as if you want to get a
big bomb in the Normal game). It will appear as if it will explode.
Do not worry about it. After a while, it will turn into a red bomb
with a skull on it. It has a range of 3x3.

Wrong word in manual
On page 10, the description for the first world says "... to
damn up rivers…".

When you attempt to leave a stage before completing it, you
receive a message that you will lose everything that you collected
in the stage. If you notice, it tells you that you will lose things
such as "lightening cards".


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