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  Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess [GC] -Gamecube Cheats
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Link's shadow on table:
Inside of Rusl and Uli's house (Ordona) there is a table to the left. Walk around it and you will see Link's shadow appearing on top of the table instead of the floor. [Screenshot]

Wrong shadowing:
When you are in wolf form before you get the ability to transform at will, look at your shadow while in the "light" world. It shows Midna riding you, but Midna is not there.

Snowpeak door:
Note: You can do this easier if you have the portal to Snowpeak. You must be in wolf form in order for this to work. Warp or walk all the way up to the part at Snowpeak with Yeto standing by the tree. Turn around and go to the wall just slightly to the right of the door with Yeto's hand prints on it. Keep going left until you barely reach the edge of the door and it reads "A Open". If done correctly, you will be standing in one location with the door wide open but will be acting as if nothing happened. Link will be panting and Midna will tell him to move like "Hup, Hup."

Grappled to air:
During the Twilight Dragon fight, when you get up to the tower, immediately skip the intermission sequence. There should be no Boss fight music. Then, start grappling up the gates as if you were on the second stage of the Boss. When the Boss gets close enough to Z-target, grapple him and immediately put on your boots. This may require several attempts. You will end up hooked onto nothing, but will fly around with the Dragon. You will not be able to drop off, but you can look around at the buildings. [Screenshot 1] [Screenshot 2] [Screenshot 3]

Control Cucco:
When you find a Cucco, hit it eight times to go into its view and to be able to move it around. The easiest way to do this is just after you get the Iron Boots. Walk outside the building to find a Cucco. Wear the boots and roll into it eight times.

Collect all sixty Poe Souls and bring them to Jovani. He is in a house in the southeast corner of Castle Town. Turn into a wolf and dig your way inside. Use your senses to find out where to dig. After you give him 60 souls he will give you unlimited rupees. Then, go to Kakariko village's Malo Mart. Donate enough money to lower the prices in Town Castle's Malo Mart. You can now buy a Magic Armor there for 598 rupees. The Magic Armor makes you immortal, but normally reduces your rupees until you have no more. Because you have unlimited rupees, you will stay immortal.

Defeating Aeralfos:
Use the following trick to defeat Aeralfos (small flying dragon with shield) in City In The Sky. When it flies in the air, wait for it to put its shield up and flaps its wings rapidly. Then, Z target its shield and use the Clawshot to pull it towards you. Slash it as much as you can. Do not use the Clawshot while it is on the ground or it will pull you towards itself and slash you. Keep pulling it towards you and slashing it. The Aeralfos will fall and die.

Defeating Darkhammers:
When you are facing a Darkhammer (for example the three in the last room of the Cave of Ordeals), throw bombs. This gets their armor off quickly. When all of it is off, it will dodge if you throw bombs. To kill it with the armor off, get close enough until it tries to hit you. Just before it hits you, roll out of the way to get in back of it. Then, just start slashing with your sword.

Defeating the Dynalyfos Duo:
In the City in the Sky when fighting the Dynalyfos Duo, do not keep attacking them. They will block all of your attacks then hit you with an attack of their own. Take out your ball and chain and throw it at them. They will be stunned for a few seconds. Try to get in a few attacks. Repeat this strategy until they are defeated. Alternately, when you enter the room stay where you are and take out your bow and arrow. Combine it with the Hawkeye and shoot the Dynalyfos. They will fly back against the wall. Repeat this until they are defeated. Note: You must have 60 arrows. Arrows are weak against them and you are likely to run out before you kill them. Although arrows are weak against the Dynalyfos, it is better than rushing into a battle and losing a lot of HP.

Defeating Fyrus:
Hit the crystal on his head. When he is stunned, go around and pull on either of the chains that are attached to his feet. This will trip him. Go up to his head and start slashing away. By doing this you will not use up all of your arrows trying to shoot his head all of the time just to get him down.

Defeating Ganondorf:
Ganon will begin the battle by taking over the Princess and knocking out Midna. She will fire balls of energy at you. When they hit, Midna will explain that your sword can reflect them. When it connects three times with Zelda, Midna will pull Ganondorf out of her and the next stage will begin. Ganon will turn into a large beast with a jewel in his head. Shoot the jewel with an arrow then attack his belly. He will disappear and red swirling portals will appear. One will turn blue before he charges at you from it. Continue shooting until he disappears each time you shoot him. Midna will tell you to turn into the beast. When Ganon charges again, target him and hold A, which will imitate the cattle wrestling from the start of the game. Midna will grab him and you must select a side to throw him to, then attack his belly. Ganon will appear to die but will return once more. Midna will use the fused shadows to try and kill his spirit while teleporting Zelda and Link away from harm. Hyrule Castle explodes from all the magic yet Ganon remains. You will start the third stage of fighting Ganon. He is on horseback and Zelda is given Light Arrows from the Spirits. You must ride close to Ganon so she can shoot him then attack with your sword. Note: If Ganon gets behind you he will attack and knock you off then play chicken until you can get behind him again. After a certain number of hits on horseback, he will face you in a sword fight. He teleports every so often, but you can easily roll away. The best way to kill him now is use the rolling attack from behind, then swing your sword afterwards. He will take the spinning hit and two slashes afterwards, but then block the rest. After this, Ganon will be defeated.

When fighting Ganondorf, take out the fishing rod. He will drop his guard and watch the bobber. While his guard is down, take out your sword and hit him. Repeat this until you can finish him off.

In the final battle with Ganondorf, after the horse combat section you can take out your fishing rod at any point. Ganondorf will be distracted by the earring on the end. He will stare at it, no matter where it goes. Once you put the rod away, the battle is on again.

Defeating the Gerudo Temple Boss:
The easiest way to defeat this Boss is to use the spinner and go along the side of the sand pit he is in the middle of until you are directly behind him. Hit the "support bone" which is the spine. To hit the bone you must use the spinner's attack. Each time more skeletons will come up to block you from reaching the spine. Luckily they do not regenerate. If you kill one, the next time you attack there will be a gap in the wall of skeletons which you can slip through and attack. After you have done this three or four times the sand drains and the head of the beast will still remain. Use the spinner to raise the platform. As you walk out, an intermission sequence of the head coming to life and knocking Link off the platform plays. You must use the spinner to climb the platform. After awhile the head will start shooting fireballs at you while you are climbing. The key here is to jump from the platform track to the track on the wall every time he tries to hit you with a fireball. The head will then get irritated and come in beside you, at which time you can jump and attack it with the spinner. When on the ground attack the sword that Zant put in its head. Repeat this two more times and he will die, then you will get a heart container.

Defeating Fyrus:
Shoot the eye on is head a few times and he will fall. Then run up and start slashing away. He will get back up. This time you only need to shoot him once and he will fall. Do it one more time and you shall be victorious. If you are running low on arrows or health there are pots around the room.

Defeating Zant:
Zant will go through almost every Boss battle you have done so far. You must defeat him essentially the same way. The trick is remembering how you defeated the Boss in the first place. The final battle against Zant is fairly easy, but he moves erratically. Block his spin attack and do the rolling attack from behind to land more hits.

Defeating Twilight monsters:
The easiest way to defeat them is to kill the one that is not near you, then use the force field to kill the rest.

Defeating the Twilight Dragon:
First, use the Double Clawshots and latch onto its tail when it is not attacking you. Immediately after latching onto its tail, use the Iron Boots to bring it down so its armor breaks. After doing this a few more times, he will rip off the rest of the armor and it starts to rain. The rain brings floating plants from the ground that circle the battleground. Use the Clawshot on the plants and circle around the dragon while dodging his flame attacks. When you are behind him, use the Clawshot onto his back and attack the jewel with your sword. After one or two more times, he will be defeated and you will get the last shard of the Twilight Mirror.

Defeating heavily armored opponents:
At first you will meet this behemoth as a mini-Boss in the Temple Of Time. You will see him several times later as regular monsters. The strategy is the same each time. First, if you are having trouble timing the dodge to attack him multiple times, you can just wait and use the Mortal Draw ability when he gets close enough. Note: This does not work on the mini-Boss version, but works on every other one. He will lose one piece of armor every time you hit him with the Mortal Draw. When he throws his sword away he will begin wielding a smaller sword. Get close to him, roll behind him, and use the Rising attack (where you roll around him and rise up from the ground spinning). He will block the Rising Attack but will become vulnerable to regular attacks immediately afterwards. Do this three times and he will be defeated.

Easy wins:
When you have the Ball And Chain, throw it behind your enemies. If it hits them on the way back it is very powerful and should kill them in one hit

When you have the Shield Bash and Helm Splitter, do a Shield Bash and press A afterwards to do a Helm Splitter. Then, do a spin move. This is very helpful when you are facing one enemy and your health is low.

When your health is low and you see a fairy; take out your bottle and run into the fairy. While the fairy is circling around, use your bottle. The fairy will not only heal you, but it will be captured in your bottle.

When you are low on health and are not in the middle of something, go to Hyrule town. If you have not already do so, complete the STAR game. This is the game inside the big purple circus tent. Afterwards, talk to the three girls directly outside. After they "freak out" about you, three hearts should appear. You can do this as many times as desired.

Survive energy balls:
You can use an empty bottle against the energy balls that the possessed Princess Zelda shoots at you. It will work the same as the sword. It looks as if Link is punching the energy ball but it will not hurt him.

Gerudo Desert temple: Rats:
When you are in certain room of the temple and begin to walk funny (almost as if you have the Iron Boots on), transform into a wolf and turn on your senses. You will find that little rats have attached themselves to you. Use the wolf's spin attack to kill them. Turn back into a human and you will be able to walk and run normally again.

Gerudo Desert temple: Skeletons:
When you are in the temple and you come into contact with the large skeletons that paralyze you when they shriek, continually roll out of the way just before they hit your paralyzed body with their sword.

Sacred Grove: Giant puzzle:
At the entrance to the Sacred Grove, you will howl from a symbol on the ground (resembling the Triforce) to make two stone giants come to life on a group of blocks. They will ask you to lead them to their sentry post by hopping on the blocks. Jump in the following pattern: left, down, right, right, up, left, up, up, left, down, down, right then finally up. They will congratulate you and allow you to pass on to the Master Sword.

Adult Wallet:
The Adult Wallet can be obtained after defeating the giant Twilight Bug at Lake Hylia. Go to Hyrule Castle Town as a human and go to the southeast alleyway. Look for a door. Give the girl inside any Golden Bug you have caught and she will give you an Adult Wallet, capable of holding 600 Rupees. One golden bug is outside the south entrance of Castle Town, on the top of a large vine covered column. Blow up the rocks with a bomb and a Golden Ladybug will come out. It will resemble a point of light. Hit it with the boomerang and grab it with A. There are also two Golden Ants in Kakariko and Kakariko graveyard.

Giant Wallet:
To get a Giant Wallet that is capable of holding 1,000 rupees, collect all twenty four Golden Bugs and bring them to Aghita in Castle Town South Road.

Get another Bomb Bag:
First you will need The Zora Armor and Iron Boots. Go to Zora's Domain after having obtained the Water Bombs and you have teleported the Volcanic Boulder. Equip the Zora's Armor and the iron Boots. Go all the way down. Talk to the Zoras. Once in front of the boulder, you will see some sort of eyes peeking at everyone. Place a bomb near or over the boulder. You may want to hold it while you stand in front of it, although it will make you lose some health. After it explodes, a Goron will appear. Talk to him to receive another Bomb Bag.

Bigger bomb bags:
Score 25 points playing Iza's boat game by shooting jars on the way down to Lake Hylia. Yellow jars are worth 1 point and red jars are worth 2 points. After you score 25 points Iza's helper will allow you to carry double the bombs in all of your bomb bags. The amount of bombs in each bag depends on what type of bombs you are currently holding in each bag.

Bigger quivers:
Enter the large tent in Southeast Hyrule Castle Town and play the "STAR" mini-game. If you have the Clawshot, win level 1 of the mini-game to unblock the Big Quiver, with a 60 arrow capacity. If you have the Double Clawshot, win level 2 of the mini-game to unlock the Giant Quiver, with a 100 arrow capacity.

Bottle with Fairy Tears:
Bring 20 Poe Souls to Jiovani.

Unlimited Rupees:
Bring 60 Poe Souls to Jiovani.

Restore health:
If you want more health when low, catch some fish. You can do this as many times as needed.

Alternate sword sheathing:
Just after killing a monster, press A to put away your sword. It will do the same sheathing move as when you kill a Boss or when you learn a new Hidden Skill.

Safe fall:
When you are in Ordon. Pick up a chicken and run off a hill or some other high location. The chicken will flap its wings and you will be able to hover to the ground.

Finding IIia:
The last Fused Shadow you will enter Twilight. Then, jump off a bridge. You will land in water and find the scent of IIia.

Talk to Epona:
When you able to become both human and wolf, go to a patch of "Horse Calls" as a wolf. Press A to howl. Howl the song as indicated with blue lines, and Epona will come to you. Still as a wolf, go up to Epona and talk to her. She tell you to hurry up and turn back into a human.

To get free arrows. find an enemy that shoots arrows at you (usually fire arrows). Keep dodging them. After the arrows that were fired at you hit the ground you can retrieve them. You may only have a few seconds to do this. Repeat this until you have the desired amount of arrows.

Hylian Loach:
You must first get the Frog Lure or Sinking Lure. To get the Frog Lure, you must complete the Roalgoal mini-game. To catch the Loach, go to the northern-most cove during the summer. Cast the Frog or Sinking Lure in the lily pads. As soon as he bites the fight is on. Landing it is the most difficult part.

It is possible to catch and find the Hylian Loach. It more difficult with the Sinking Lure because it sinks, gets stuck in the mud, and you will lose it. Also some times people will use it in front of Hena and get it taken away. First, make sure you have the Frog Lure (obtained from the Rollgoal mini-game next to the door). Then, go to the fishing hole and go inside Hena's. Do not roll in here. You might scare the fish or cause problems with Hena. Once you catch the Loach, you get your picture taken and it will get put up on the wall. Go to Hena and ask her if you can go fishing by yourself. Always fish by yourself when catching the Hylian Loach. Make sure it is summer by looking at the trees. They are green in the summer. There will be a little indent in the map where there is a little cove on the northern part of the fishing hole. Go there and find the lilies. Next, use your Frog lure and cast away. The loach looks like an Ordon Catfish but has blue eyes and red fins.

In the Zora Temple, find the room where you get the Boss key. There will be Skull Fish and two Hylian Loaches. Be careful not to catch a Skull Fish as they just take up bait.

Hylian Shield:
When you complete the Goron Temple and free Hyrule from the Twilight, go to Hyrule Town. Go to the southwest side of the town square. Enter the building there. Immediately when you enter, you should see a Goron standing there. Talk to him. He will thank you for saving their mines. He will then ask if you would like to buy the Hylian Shield for about 120 rupees.

When your in the Goron mines go to the village beneath it. Then go to Huryle Field. The postman will soon run up to you, giving you a letter that describes the Hylian Shield. The general store in the village beneath Death Mountain (Goron mines) has the shield for 200 rupees.

After obtaining the lantern, go back to Link's house. Climb down into the basement. Take out your lantern and look around the area of the chest with the purple rupee to find a mirror. Switch to first person mode to see Link's reflection.

Sinking Lure:
Go to the fishing hole. Catch and keep the following fish: Hylian Pike, Hylian Bass, and an Ordonian Catfish. Once you acquire these three fish, leave the fishing hole and re-enter it to save the stats of the fish. Do not warp out or you will not keep the fish in the tank. Next, get the Coral Earring. This can be found by meeting Ashei and retrieving the Drawing Of The Beast. Take this drawing to the Zora Child who is standing next to his father's grave behind the cemetery in Kakariko Village. He then will give you the Coral Earring. After you acquire the earring, go the fishing hole and follow the path to the right. Cross the bridge where you retrieved the Empty Bottle and go as far north as possible. Once you get to the fishing bank, take out your fishing pole and face north. Cast your line and in a few attempts you should have the long awaited Sinking Lure. Note: Do not use this lure while fishing with Hena. She will take it away from you. If you dare to use it, just go over to where you acquired it before and you will be able to attain this lure again.

Skeleton Fish:
In the Zora Temple, once you have dived into the pool with the fish inside, take out the fishing pole (bait works faster). Cast into the water and you will soon catch a fish that will not be recorded because it is forbidden.

Fortune teller:
When you get your fortune told, the person who tells your fortune says something twice, backwards. You can prove it by pressing the "Home" button and looking at it. For example:

Career: What am I thinking about?
Love: Wait... loading takes awhile.

Blue Chu Jelly:
In the first actual room of Lakebed Temple, there will be blue Chu Jelly. You can collect this as many times as desired, as long as you leave the temple each time before you get it again.

Orange Chu Jelly:
If you kill a orange slug thing, scoop it. If you drink, it will replenish eight hearts. Do not waste it; it is as valuable as a fairy.

Sparkling gold Chu Jelly:
The rare Chu jelly (golden and sparkling) can be found in various places (for example, in the Snowpeak area). This is very valuable Chu jelly because it restores all of your hearts and also temporarily increases your attack strength.

Easy Lantern Oil:
Get an empty bottle and go to the shop close to the Forest Temple run by the bird. Go inside and take some. Walk out he will ask to be paid. Do not pay. The next time you come back and go inside, he will call you a thief. Quickly take more items before he can peck you. Note: The peck only does one quarter of a heart of damage.

After obtaining an Empty Bottle you can get as much Red Potion and Lantern Oil for as cheap as 0 rupees (the unsafe way) or 1 rupee (the easy and safe way). Go to the small shop near the Forest Temple run by the talking bird. You can scoop up whichever item desired. If you do not wish to pay, run. If you are not fast enough he attacks you repeatedly, then when you return he calls you a thief and may attack you again. However, if you want to use the safer method, grab as much as you desire, then walk over to the box besides the bird. Only pay 1 rupee no matter what the price was. He will make a comment about how cheap you are getting it for, but will not attack.

Kill a Yellow Chu then immediately afterwards pull out your lantern and scoop up the jelly to fill it to the brim.

Easy rupees:
In Kakariko Village, after you can change into a wolf whenever desired, and after you can make bomb arrows, turn into a wolf and jump on top of the big building with the giant bell on top. Shoot the bell with a Bomb Arrow to get a silver rupee (worth 200 rupees).

To find a silver rupee worth 200 rupees, you need the bow combined with bombs. Warp or go to Kakariko Village. At the top of the Shaman;s house is a giant bell. Aim the bow to the inside of the it and shoot. You can see it clearly with the Hawk Mask that you can buy at Malo's Mart. A kind of light will fall from the inside and stays on the roof of the house. To get it you must go where no one can see you and transform into a wolf. At the side of the house there is a hand-cart. Get over it and Midna will help you to jump to the top of the house to take the rupee.

After you have filled your third Vessel Of Light and are again in human form, proceed to the Howling Stone high up on the cliff by Lake Hylia (the one you could not reach as a wolf). Behind it is a bombable wall leading into a cave. Bomb the wall and go in. Make sure to have plenty of bombs and lantern oil. Bomb the walls all around the cave to find enough rupees to fill your wallet.

When using the Flight By Fowl you will use a Cucco to fly around Lake Hylia and get rupees. However the main focus is on the Isle Of Riches which is only accessible by the Flight By Fowl. Each floor has a special prize and each can be accessed by a floor higher than it. Note: If you are in Lake Hylia, this game is only accessible by Fyers big cannon launch thing. The following is a list of the floors and their prizes:
Joey meier.

Largest Floor: Nothing
Second Floor: 10 Rupees
Third Floor: 20 Rupees
Fourth Floor: 50 Rupees
Fifth Floor: Heart container
Grand Prize (rotating floor): 100 Rupees

Exit Castle Town through the south gate. Climb the pillar to the left. At the top is a circle of rocks. Turn into a wolf and dig in the middle. You will drop into a cave filled with water with two small islands on each side. Kill the enemies for a chest, then knock down the bee hive for bait. You can catch record breaking Pike and Greengills here and nearly every other cast can yield a bag of rupees. It is possible to fill your wallet here.

Go to Lake Hylia to play the little bird's mini-game where you pop the fruit balloons. Get a perfect score by getting everything at the beginning (you should have 24 points) then just hit all twenty strawberries to get a silver rupee.

In Kakariko Village, shoot the bell on top of the sanctuary with bomb arrows. Turn into a wolf and climb up it. You will see a silver rupee there.

There is also a dog and bone near the Castle Town west gate. If you throw the bone into the patch of grass to the right of the doctor's house, and the dog tries to get it, but will instead come back with a rupee. You can do this as many times as desired.

After you have completed Lakebed Temple, go to Kakariko Village. Transform into a wolf and go to the top of the sanctuary. Turn back into a human, get a Bomb Arrow, and shoot it into the center of the bell. A silver rupee will drop to the ground.

Go to any place that has a lot of birds flying around (for example, the bridge over Lake Hylia). Kill all the birds with your bow and arrow. When all of them are killed, a number of rupees of different values will fall to the ground.

Once you have the Zora Armor and can dive into deep water, jump into the water in the center of Zora's throne room. Lift up the small rocks on the bottom and around the area to find high value rupees. Four or five rocks have yellow rupees (worth ten green rupees), a couple have blue rupees (worth five green rupees), and one has a red rupee (worth twenty green rupees). Rise to the surface and exit the throne room. Then, go back into the throne room and dive back in to find the now respawned rupees. This is a fast way to fill your wallet.

Heart Piece locations:
In Castle Town, the fortune teller to the south will provide you with all of the Heart Piece locations for 10 rupees each.

When you are a wolf, go to Lake Hylia and play the song that gets Plumm near you. Talk to him and he will tell you the game will start when you take flight. Play the song again and a giant Twilight bird will come pick you up. Get 10,000 points by hitting only the red ones and get a big combo (shown in the lower right screen). When you finish, he will give you a Heart Piece. If you do it again and surpass your high score, Plumm will give you 100 rupees.

Easy hearts:
When you defeat the Boss of the Yeti's place, the two yetis will hug. About 300 hearts will appear. Each time you talk to them another one comes out.

When you are low on hearts, go to any spring whose spirit you have returned (for example, Ordona's spring in Ordon). Walk around in the spring for awhile and your hearts will slowly fill up. Alternately, you can go to the Hot Springs at Death Mountain to regain lost hearts.

Get berated by Malo:
Malo is the little child who resembles an infant or toddler, but is in fact probably one of the smartest children in Hyrule. He is so smart that he tends to make fun of everyone he encounters.

When your showing everyone how to use the sword and the slingshot listen to this child's response.

When you find him in Kakariko Village, enter his shop he will say rude things to you.

When you are showing off your archery skills to the children, cancel. He will ask if you need more arrows. Say no and he will ask if you want to give up. Select "I am no quitter". He will then quickly respond with some snide comment about how slow you are.

Also after the store is closed in Kakariko Village, come back at certain times of the night. Before morning, he will leave comments on his door.

Make Midna mad:
When you are restoring items such as the bridge in Kakariko Gorge, the fountain in Zora's Domain and the bridge north of East Hyrule, go to each of these items. Then, warp somewhere besides where the location should be. She will get frustrated with you and will yell at you.

Purdy says rude things:
When you are at the fishing hole, go into Hena's cabin. Press C-stick Up to look at the bird cage by the fish tank. Hena will tell you that Purdy, the bird, sometimes says things. Stay still by the cage and wait until the action "Speak" appears and press A. Purdy will say something to you. This will continue if you just remain still. If you roll into the cage, Purdy will call you rude.

Playing fetch:
In Castle Town after entering the gate to the east, go south as if traveling to Agitha's house. There is a brown and white dog laying by a tree near a bone. Pick up the bone and throw it. The dog will run to get it then bring it back for you to throw again.

Dragging chickens underwater:
Go to any place with water and chickens. You can throw the chicken in the water then use the Iron Boots to sink to the bottom. Then, use your Clawshot and bring the chicken to you. The chicken does not do anything special when under the water.

Faster spin attack:
Take out your sword and press the Analog-stick Forward. While doing that, hold B and stop pressing Analog-stick. While B is held the spin should be faster.

Strange looking Malo:
Whenever you get the Slingshot or Bow and arrow, look for Malo. He is the child that resembles a little infant. Pull out either of these objects and stand in front of him. Shoot him with it. He will pull his head back and say nothing. Alternately, when you defeat the Darbus from Death Mountain go back into Kakariko Village and find Malo. He is up on one of the higher ledges scouting the area for monsters. He will ask if you can show him how to use a bow. Say yes and you will be brought down next to Malo for instructions. Turn your camera but do not move yourself and look at Malo. His eyes will make him look like a child from a horror movie.

Invisible sprinkler system:
When you finish restoring Darbus back to normal, go over to the bomb shop and enter the building. Find and stand next to Barnes. Take out your lantern and he will quickly tell you to put it out. Then, stand somewhere else out of sight of him. He will stomp the ground and spray water all over you. It does not matter where you are in the building. You will always get water sprayed on you if you pull out your lantern.

Scared soldiers:
Go to Castle Town as Wolf Link and cause an uproar in the square. Soldiers will come out to fend you off, but they will cower if you get close. Let them surround you and wait for them to get close. Then, use your dark field to do a special spin attack. This will scare the soldiers away and make them drop arrows, rupees, or hearts.

Alternate backflip from Epona:
Use the following trick to backflip off Epona without having to hold R. Note: This will may result in some damage and may require a few attempts. When you are in Hyrule Field with all of the people riding the huge hogs, let them run into you while sitting still so that you are just hanging off the side of Epona. Immediately after you get back up, press A and Link will automatically backflip off Epona.

Resume game easily:
When in a dungeon and you save and turn off the game, when the game is resumed you normally have to go through the entire dungeon again to get back to the room where you left off. To avoid this, before you save use your Ooccoo and warp out. Then, save and turn off the game. When you turn it back on, use your Ooccoo again. You will be in the room where you left off.

Darren Chan.

Bottle 1: The woman gives this bottle to you at the start of the game.

Bottle 2: Purchased from Coro South of Faron Forest for 100 rupees (includes lantern oil with purchase).

Bottle 3: Go to the Fishing Hole that Hena owns at the place called Upper Zora River. Go to the Fishing Hole and bobber fish at the bridge where there is a sign. The water is murkier than normal. This may require multiple attempts.

Bottle 4: Defeat and collect 20 Poe Souls and bring them to Jovani in Castle Town (where all the cats are must be able to dig).

Howling Stone locations:

Just before you enter the Forest Temple you automatically learn one move.

Death Mt.: In the place with a lot of geysers.

North Zora's River: Northeast of boat shop.

North Faron Woods: At the beginning of the Sacred Grove maze.

Lake Hylia: On a cliff at the south end. Climb up the ladder to get there.

Snowpeak: Climb up the mountain, near the secret underground cave entrance.

Forgotten Village: Jump through a window in the western building.

Golden bug locations:
The locations of all 24 bugs are as follows.

Ant: Kakariko Village. The male ant is located on a tree to the right of the hole in the back of the Kakariko graveyard and the female ant is in the house just prior to the bomb shop on the west side of the village.

Beetle: Faron Province, Hyrule Field. The male beetle is located on a tree in the southern portion of Hyrule Field. The tree is positioned between two raised land masses. As for the female, she is on a tree on the western side of the field. It is just south of the giant dirt patch.

Butterfly: Hyrule Field east of Castle Town. Just south of the east entrance of Castle Town is a small flower patch containing the male. To find the female, she is on a vine-covered ledge just northeast of the east castle town exit.

Dayfly: Gerudo Desert. To find the male you must search the southern part of the desert, almost dead center, north of the barricades. For the female, search the trenches at the southeast end of the desert (near the chunk of bridge). It is recommended that you do this at nightfall.

Dragonfly: Zora's Domain. The male is on top of the hill at the southwest end of the domain. The female is right in front of the boating game shack.

Grasshopper: Eldin Province, Hyrule Field. The male is at the entrance to Kakariko Village. The female is at the northeastern part of the map. This is best done at night.

Ladybug: South of Castle Town. The male is on the vine covered pillar southwest of the gate. The female is near the three trees of the left side of the balcony.

Mantis: Great Hylian Bridge. The male is on the wall of the northern half of the bridge. The female is on a rock just south of the bridge. It is easier to find her by looking at the bridge.

Phasmid: Eldin Bridge. The male is on the arch on the south end of the bridge. The female is on a cliff to the north of the bridge. You will need the Clawshot.

Pill Bug: Kakariko Gorge. The male is on the southern end of the bridge. The female is found by some flowers on the southwest corner, north of the bridge.

Snail: Sacred Grove. The male is on the inside of the southwestern alcove. The female is inside the Temple Of Time, on west side of the staircase.

Stag Beetle: Hyrule Field north of Castle Town. The male is near a tree on the east side of the bridge. The female is on the northern side of the field, above a bombable entrance to an icy cave.

Triforce on Golden Ladybug:
When in Princess Agitha's house, if you have already caught a Golden Ladybug ,look on its back. When the glow goes away you should see the Triforce in the center of its back.

Mario series reference:
There is a Bullet Bill on Fyer's left arm.
The Legend of Tyler.

Zelda: Ocarina Of Time reference:
The three spirits that watch over Hyrule are a reference to the goddesses in Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. Their names are similar.

In the house in the fishing hole, there are pictures on the wall. The one on the far left is that of the fisherman from Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

After looking at the picture of the master fisherman in the fishing house, look at Hena (the girl at the counter). She is trying to itch an impossible spot on her back, just like the fisherman did in Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. Also, below the picture is a pile of books describing the Hylian Loach.

The songs that are played during the game (for example, the hidden skills and when you call for your horse or summon a bird), are the songs that you play in Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask reference:
The Skull Kid leading you to the Sacred Grove is a reference to the Skull Kid in The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.


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