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  Unreal Tournament -PS2 Cheats
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Inf. Health
(Memory Card needed) At main menu press up, down, up,
down, up, down, Up, down, X. If you did it right the
screen should shake. Now start a new game and beat the
first level and save. Now load your game, when you start
you should have inf. health

The best rule of thumb is to always keep moving. If your
opponents can't target you, they can't shoot you.

Don't work yourself into a corner. There's no faster way
to pad someone else's frag count than to get stuck somewhere
you can't retaliate from.

If you like to camp, do it somewhere very secluded.
Otherwise, what's the point?

Before going into battle using the PS2 controller, go
into the Controller Setup menu and bump up the horizontal
and vertical sensitivity as high as you can stand it.
You need to be able to move fast if you expect to win the


 Posted by Lord on October 20, 2004 (1105 reads)  (  Discuss about Unreal Tournament in our forum)




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